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Why was one of our biggest offensive weapons not on the field till late?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Why?
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  2. You seem to know a lot about football.
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  3. I’m annoyed that this is the rumor every time there is any setback/unexpected thing in his development.
  4. You know, maybe Gary and Kill gave Cumbie and team a game to work their magic and now Kill will make "adjustments". He wasn't hired just because he and GP are best man buddies. He does know offense and how to score points. That said, who knows. And on a different note. The receivers created some separation and caught better. Wonder why?
  5. One game. Some of you guys are over the top. If the Frogs had won by 30 points some would think were on our way to the national championship or either would find fault with the coaching, players time, performance or attendance in some form or fashion. Yes its a forum for opinion but man you guys are a beating!!
  6. One game. Yes, it was. The issue is that it is the same pattern we have looked at for two years running. Nothing seems to have changed, and thus no one seems to think that the outcome of the season will be any different.
  7. The loss was the same yes but I saw positives. The offense had some continuity especially the receivers after Duggin got in the game. The running backs even though lightly used are much better. Faster and hitting the hole harder. More harmonious even though the first game. I see a lot of potential here IF Gary returns the defense to what we all have expected. There is change but unfortunately the loss IS the same. Go Frogs.
  8. More interested in finding the 5 very best OL blockers and playing them... period. A lot of different dudes in there. You would think they would know who those 5 best are by now !
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  9. What are you basing your opinion that Jerry Kill knows offense on? I’m not doubting you but would love to see how that case is made.
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  10. I agree that Kill wasn’t hired “just” because they are “best man buddies” but I suspect that’s a very high percentage of why he is here. Very high percentage.
  11. He can’t catch Max’s balls. #1 dropper
  12. who was the receivers coach last year? JA?
  13. last year, nobody could. He was throwing heaters at guys 1-3 yards away

    Ridiculous that people still think this is primarily a WR drops issue. A few, yes. Most? Not a chance
  14. I was really hoping that Kill would eliminate that nonsense but he hasn't.

    Barlow/Foster should get at least 10 carries each and the 4 receivers should be Wells, Barber Spielman, and Johnston for 80% of our pass attempts. Why don't we try it? The way Max was throwing the ball and with those 4 receivers, we could score a bunch of points.

    I don't really see that Kill has done that much from years past for comparison. It may just be much to do about nothing
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  15. Te'vailance Hunt had no snaps (?)
  16. I think a good point to consider offensively is that it was the first with new coaches Kill and Meach and they will work on ironing things out. It is a shame we didn't get a game in before starting conference.
  17. So much for the "Hunt together" mantra.
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  18. Yes, we win by 30 and I am driving the National Championship bus. Yessir.
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  19. just run a box and one on sam with marcel being the one

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