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Why was one of our biggest offensive weapons not on the field till late?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Spielman was on kick returns but I did not see him in on offensive plays until late in the game? He is a big-time, experienced playmaker who averaged 800 receiving yards at Nebraska but can't get on the field for us? And I don't recall ever seeing Hunt?
  2. Also, did Evans get a carry?
  3. Some rumors he was potentially suspended
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  4. No and don't remember him seeing the field though we had a lot of RBs who did get in.
  5. oops
  6. Go look up Spielman on the Nebraska all time stats. He is third in receptions and yards ALL TIME at Nebraska (very close to the record when he transferred) and we didn’t throw him one ball. I guess 2x all big 10 is not good enough for Gary. Wish our media would ask questions like this.
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  7. He caught one pass, not that it changes your point.
  8. Spielman and Barber should definitely be rotating in and out of the game more often. Especially considering their lighter bodies, they could potentially take some big hits. I could have sworn I saw Zach Evans suited up on the sidelines on TV. Commentators mentioned that they hadn't seen him yet and they zoomed in on him. I could be wrong though, at that point I was drinking my sorrows away.
  9. I was under the impression that Spielman has a lot to learn about our play book. I'm quite sure we'll see plenty of him this year. Evans was suited up on the sidelines but don't think he got any carries.
  10. then the playbook is too complicated, a 22 year old veteran should be able to easily learn it. It’s all about simplifying and all 11 knowing what to do each and every play
  11. He was definitely suited up. I’m not 100% sure I buy the suspended rumors, although I have a near impossible time coming to grips with him not getting a carry while a fellow true freshman who was substantially lower ranked got a few
  12. Cannot stand our policy or philosophy on WR rotation or whatever the scheiss they want to call it and things like Zach Evans getting zero carries while numerous others get at least 1 carry. It is mind boggling at times.

    Sometimes, and I know I’ll take some heat for this, it seems as if this staff has absolutely ZERO idea as to whom the best players might be. Shouldn’t you have a general idea on some of them by now??

    I’m not saying I do either. But I would at least give some players time to find out rather than swapping them every other play or only bringing them in for one play every 2 series.
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  13. Pretty sure he has been there long enough to learn routes and plays. As a coach you would also create plays for him.
  14. The rotations of all our skill players is mind-boggling to me, and has been for some time. Just way to many incidents of a guy making some plays early on only to never be seen for four straight possessions, and then vice versa, a guy showing up later in the game in crunch time that you damn near forgot was on the roster. It's like the coaches are hell bent on NOT allowing anyone to really get into a rhythm.

    Find your two best running backs and your six best receivers and play them on 95% of the snaps and be done with it. This deal where each RB gets 2-3 carries and 10 receivers get targeted in a game is counter-productive.

    Sometimes our offensive coaching staff makes it really hard to believe that they know what in the hell they are doing.
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  15. You said it better than I did.
  16. AGREED! Playing WR is like playing chess, you run your routes different ways and release off the line of scrimmage with various moves and stems to set up the DB. Kinda of hard to set up a DB and lull them to sleep when we keep rotating our receivers.
  17. And you are both correct
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  18. trust the system, trust the scheme......
  19. Spielman needs to be returning kicks, as well as punts....
  20. Barber can rotate around the bench for awhile.

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