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Why not play the backup QB?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. Not sure who we have as a backup, but max can’t do shut through the air. Why not get the backup some PT?
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  2. not quite yet. Another 8 min. then put in the sub.
  3. Would like to to see Stephon Brown.
  4. I would too if he’s suited up
  5. Brown must SUCK if he can’t beat downing.
  6. You crack me up.

    Starts thread "Put in the backup QB".

    "Downing sucks."
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  7. Duggan's three completions were so open and exposed that they could have

    been arrested for public indecency. .....3 ~ 11, 27.27%
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  8. Whats weird is it doesn't seem to bother Max that he sucks at passing.
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  9. In all fairness, Duggan should have been 4-11 and 4 TDs. Davis had a TD and then couldn't hang on when he hit the ground.
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  10. Are you sure you really want to see that?
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  11. Fellas, I am MN Golden Gopher fan and we suffered with Jerry Kill run up the middle aka RUTM. You want want horse sht qb play?just check out Jerry Kill while he had the reigns at MN. Enjoy the rutm offense combined with MAC recruits and the middling results.
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  12. joke is on you as the run up the middle is the best play for the frogs offense
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  13. Middling results?!? We’re going to improve? Thank god
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  14. Do you remember when we were middling? Those were the days.
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  15. You will improve if and only if Jerry Kill doesn’t run off talented players. Up here we consider the 10-7 Kent State win a loss. Jerry unraveled and started the win is a win. His Three stages of denial are 1. Aww shucks. 2. You should try and coach. maybe you could do better. 3. I am doing you a favor just being here. That last one is the bridge burner. Enjoy horsesht qb play followed up with every decent qb declining to play for TCU.
  16. Sounds like someone got passed up on the Gophers QB depth chart a few years back...
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  17. So in other words gas on our smoldering dumpster fire?
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  18. And apparently lost money on the Kent State game.
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    Kill's 3 stages of denial sound very similar to Patterson's. GP would add 2 more to that. 1. I don't have anything to do with the offense, so you need to go talk to them. 2. Did you see what my defense did. They held the other team to under their season average, so I don't know what else you expect.
  20. I was at the TCU game in Minni

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