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When will SMU game time be announced?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double V, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. Anyone know? Also, steel is dumb. And probably fat.
  2. Tomorrow or next Sunday.
  3. Probably?!
  4. While @steelfrog may be a horrible human, but he's neither dumb nor fat.
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  5. I imagine it’ll depend on how SMU fares against LA Tech
  6. We will find out tomorrow as the networks aren’t going to waste a 6 day hold this early nor a game between TCU and SMU.
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  7. Less than 2% chance IMO.
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  8. I imagine it’ll be 2:30 or 11 like usual. Can’t recall the last home night game we had vs SMU
  9. Guessing an afternoon kick on an ESPN2/U network, or flip it to ESPN+, one of those two.

    Fox grabbed ND at Wisconsin for their big noon kick, I’d guess ABC will prime-time Tech at Texas and game day at A&M/Arkansas (CBS 3:30).

    WVU at Oklahoma is another interesting game, probably set for ESPN prime time I think.
  10. This is a schedule for human beings.
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  11. Kids soccer will probably ruin my live viewing regardless of start time.
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  12. Dan, you make a damned joke out of everything.
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  13. We're just having fun here, no?
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  14. what, you walking out?!?
  15. IMG_20170924_213708.jpg
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  17. They probably think you're a big jerk.
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    I remember that game well. SMU made a late run aided by a TCU fumble after which my then 1st grade daughter spiked her bottle of water and said “son of a [ hundin]!!!”. One of my proudest moments as a parent.
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  19. Very much in this boat.
  20. Is that the most recent home night game vs SMU? If so that’s what, 7 years ago?

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