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"What's wrong at TCU?"

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by The TCU Football Jerk, Feb 18, 2020.

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  2. I believe the off season moves on offense show that GP is addressing those issues. He is definitely aware.
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  4. Meh, we suck until we don't.
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  5. Looks more like what's wrong with UT to me. Holy underachiever, Batman!
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  6. I always start my football analysis with anything written by Allen Kenney
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  7. Based on talent alone we should consistently be finishing in the top 3-4 teams in the conference. If we beat the teams with lesser talent that us and lose to teams with better talent than us then we should finish most regular seasons with a 7-2 big 12 record. Upset either Texas or Oklahoma and we should have a shot at the Big 12 CCG most years.
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  8. Forget about the commentary on Tex and OK and reread the CONCERNS regarding TCU. Based on the last few years and reading his stats he did strike a nerve.

    There was a great deal of concern this past season by you the fan and the local media and what frighten us was our attitude on and off the field by players and coaches.

    Still too early to pronounce the changes as the fix but the clouds are not as thick now as they were.

    For most years, TCU walks on a slippery slope but history says when we dig our heels in and get that chip back on our shoulder, TCU becomes more than the third best team in the conference. So, ..... show me that damn chip and i'll be more confident. .....
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  9. poor quarterback play, poor offensive execution, and struggles in the offensive line for a couple of seasons ,and in the front 6 defensively tip the scales against you quickly, but articles like this that make decisions about talent on a roster solely based upon the recruiting rankings is lazy and going to miss badly.

    example, the frogs 2016, 2017, and 2018 classes were all rated as the 3rd best class in the conference ON PAPER. trouble is each one of those classes were plagued by a high number of players who either didn't qualify, transferred out, or have had injury issues that impaired theri ability to contribute or in some cases ended careers.

    20 of the 64 signing from those 3 classes are no longer on the active roster and 4 others have had injuries that have kept them from contributing. curious where those classes would rank if you rated them on the 44 players who are still in the program versus the original 64.

    additionally, the frogs 2015-2018 classes were light in offensive line and front 6 defenders among their top 10 highest rated recruits . things really jump up a few notches when a number of those recruits in those key areas transfer out or have injuries that set back careers.

    there is no one class among those 4 classes were the 3 highest rated recruits made significant contributions to the frogs on the field. in fact, only 2 of those 12 (jalen reagor and sewo olonilua) would be considered impact players. 4 of the 12 ( deshawn raymond, isaiah chambers, omar manning, justin rogers) have left the program and 3 of the 12 have had their careers curtailed by injuries ( brandon bowen, wes harris, atanza vonger)

    the 2019 and 2020 classes have provided reasons for hope.

    first there are legitimately 6 of the top 10 recruits from the 2019 class who have flashed potential and 11 of the top 20 recruits play in the offensive line and front 6
  10. So, you're saying we need to, "Earn the chip!"??? Bazinga.
  11. Find the chip, put it on your shoulder, then earn the chip?
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  12. Add to the list of TCU didn't go as expected:
    4 Star CB Deshawn Raymond #282 recruit in 2015, 5 tackles then transferred
    4 star DE Brandon Bowen #160 recruit in '16, 5 tackles in his 4 seasons
    4 Star LB Tyree Horton - never played
    4 star WR Isaiah Graham - transferred after Freshman year
    4 star S Atanza Vongor - has contributed 2 tackles thus far - jury still out

    TCU has been built by kids like Jeff Gladney and Garrett Wallow; Gladney was ranked #1558 his recruiting class and received first team all B12 honors last season (2nd team in 2018). Wallow was ranked #890 in his class, led the B12 in tackles in 2019, and also made all B12 first team.
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  13. TL. Your catch phrase lacks tweetability.
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  14. My motto is "dip the chip," preferably in something like french onion dip or a zesty ranch.
  15. I do a modified John Daly- "Dip it, Grip it, and Rip it," all from the comfort of my recliner.
  16. 2021 motto maybe should be “3rd or better,” given the recent recruiting class rankings.
  17. Injuries hurt, can't help your team in the tub.
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  18. What is wrong is the QB play has been HORRIBLE. We have had a lot of talent but have been missing good QB play. Hill had a decent year but that was more because the Oline was really good and we were able to run it well.

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