What's the site the posts replays of D1 games?

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  1. I had to reconfigure my system and it wiped out my bookmarks. Not espn or youtube. Its european something or another. Thanks.
  2. If you're referring to noonkick I believe that site is dead.
  3. youtube.com
  4. Would a VPN workaround that?
  5. Nope, that is a DMCA take down notice, FrogsOWar uploaded copyrighted content and got the YouTube ban hammer.
  6. That seems strange, given there are literally tens of thousands of other college football games readily available on YouTube.
  7. CBS is pretty serious about it, much more than ESPN.
  8. This one's still up:

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  9. I tried watching that one. But between the morons jabbering at each other in the background and the fact the players all looked like characters from a 16-bit video game because of the slow, crappy connection one of the aforementioned morons was using, I just couldn't.
  10. I hope I can mention the site here, because they have no discussion boards and don't really compete with KillerFrogs for advertising, but the Frogs O' War website used to put up links to every TCU game broadcast. No idea if they still do.

    Regardless, You Tube has a link to the recorded broadcast. Try here. Not great sound quality, but you can see the game.

    And now I'm missing Scott... :(
  12. me too

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