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What is that smell?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. im not sure,but I think I may be in. Hell or at least it’s what I imagined hell would be like

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  2. why are you in waco?
  3. They call it Waco but I’m pretty sure it’s hell
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  4. Texas Ranger museum
    Always wanted to see it
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  5. That's the corn hole of Texas. Hence the odor.
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  6. Burnt Hog?
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  7. Great museum
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  8. Feel free to deface the John Wetteland plaque if you get a chance.
  9. Is Toby Harrah in it?
  10. I bet James Trivette is.
  11. I enjoyed it
  12. Love that museum
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  13. Getcha a Health Camp big ass shake for the ride back...
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  14. I
    would have but I’m with my wife and her friend so we went to some foo foo place
  15. Magnolia Table?
    It will always be the Elite to me.
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  16. Wes- have you tried Alexander’s Distillery there in Salado? Great view and pretty decent filet. Not to mention a good selection of bourbons.
  17. No and I am back home. But I’ll sure check it out if we. Go back
  18. Where the elite meet to eat...Waco traffic circle....
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  19. Elite and Waco in the same sentence?
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  20. In the minds of Wacoists, yes lol....
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