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What is best way to bet on games????

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DieHardFrog2020MBA, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. As well you shouldn't. It's a schtick...and not a very good one.
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  2. Sinner.
  3. Best way to bet is don't.
  4. Or, if you MUST, take the words of Randy Galloway who always said, "Only bet on four legs, never two legs."
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  5. When placing imaginary bets to see how well you can pick games, it's a great idea to stay away from games that are too close to call.
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  6. Here's a bet OP. I bet $20 to whatever charity you want that you won't take a picture standing in front of frog fountain holding a sheet of paper with your screen name written on it.
  7. 1. Purchase bitcoin on Coinbase.com using debit card or bank account.
    2. Transfer to Blockchain wallet
    3. Transfer to nitrogensports.eu
    4. Place bets
    5. Transfer back to Blockchain wallet
    6. Transfer to Coinbase.com
    7. Sell bitcoin
    8. Transfer cash to bank account (2 days).
    9. Pay taxes on bitcoin profits
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  8. I will do this and with a heart and your name written in the middle of it Shorty. Although tonight watching election coverage. This will happen soon.
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  9. If you have run simulations you know that you should do everything as possible the way you would in actual exercise. I would not have wagered on that game so why create a data point to skew performance?
  10. ^^^^This! So much this!!! But then, what if the simulation turns out to be the real thing?
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  11. Who do you have tonight? Asking for a (Senator) friend.
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  12. This thread is short circuiting me, this is the oddest thing ive read on here in a long time
  13. So you have found simulation for bet college football?

    Please send me link so I can run simulation also.
  14. Easy money for Borat on this one. You didn't make him post or send the picture.

  15. How do I subscribe to your newsletter?
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  16. We have expression in my country: “Americans are the most entertained and least informed people in the developed world”. So it is completely unpredictable. Look at who is President as evidence to support.

    Groundhog Day is strange tradition here. So maybe if GP sees his shadow this afternoon, the good guys win. It is that random I believe. Unless I am missing something with the culture.
  17. Did you arrive here with your clothings, US dollars and a jar of gypsy tears to protect you from AIDS?
  18. Bet against TCU....we’re 1-7-1 ATS
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  19. And he throws dollars at the feet of Jews.
  20. "I will look upon your treasures, gypsy"

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