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What "grow them up" really means

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. And I’ll post my swim suit pic. Lol
  2. How about we find already grown up players to start off with? Or at least more than we’ve been recruiting. This is the most lame excuse and it’s getting old (unlike our players apparently).
  3. Now do “Paper Tigers.”
  4. There should be a special notification for that.
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  5. I think you can expect someone to start a thread.
  6. Grow em Up actually applies to some of the posters in this thread.
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  7. [​IMG]
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    We have way more potential/athleticism than we have outside of about 2 or 3 years. It is 100% on our coaches to get more out of them. I would not trade rosters with anyone outside of OU, but I would trade coaching staffs with probably 6 or 7 teams right now.
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  9. For GP, "Grow them up" translates to=

    I am trying to get you to believe that these kids are way less athletic/talented than they really are so that when they don't perform I can act like it's all due to youth/inexperience. I want you to believe that I can only succeed with a team full of seniors who have been in my god awful defense for 4 years. Adapt or change it? Absolutely NOT!! It worked in 2010 so I will never change! Please believe me when I say the talent is inferior and the kids are immature, and please ignore the recruiting rankings that say our talent is better than it's ever been.

    GP should refund every penny that he's been paid for this season. Horrific job. If I did this poorly at my job I would've been fired long ago.

    Don't worry guys, just remember a few things:
    "We have 8 (OL)"
    "All our QB's throw the deep ball really well" (this included Alex Delton)
    "TCU always bounces back after a down year"
    "Ask Sonny- I don't do offense"

    Gotta run, my boss is furious with me so I'm going to send the janitor to his office to attest for it.
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  10. They better be grown by Saturday afternoon
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  11. Funny, but I happen to think that many of the players that we have recruited of late may have a lot of stars but have little of the character seen in lesser ranked but more accomplished recruits of old. Player evaluation ain't what it used to be in this organization, and thus, the organization has suffered.

    Every year, we are treated to the ridiculous drama of which 18-year-old knucklehead will sign with who. "Ooooh! 5-Star Yadda Yadda signed with Alabama!" So what. Most of the 5-star kids flame out. Most of the 4-stars flame out. Some of them go on to stardom, tis true, but most don't. There are intangibles, things that can't be measured with a stopwatch: Heart. Drive. Poise. Character. A 5-Star prima donna who becomes a lockerroom cancer is hardly a recruiting win in the long run, whereas the 3-star kid you passed over for him may well go on to be a star. Dissociating the "starsies" from actual observation and evaluation, and making honest assessments of the overall package is where we have been lacking.

    Xs and Os are another matter, as is player execution, as is team poise, etcetera. Our Staff is failing at each of those levels as well. Stevie Wonder could see it...
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  12. Really hope there's not a former TCU employee on UT's staff, because we are absolutely toast b/c they'll steal our signals that have been around in 400BC
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  13. cruel
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  14. How about you send me that pic already?
  15. It's always better to have bigger, stronger, faster players but when the Kansas State QB runs a draw and goes 40 yards without anyone even getting close to him, that has nothing to do with whether you have 1-star or 5-star players. Those kind of total breakdowns used to almost never happen to GP teams, now they are almost a weekly occurrence. That's just the defense. And then you get an illegal substitution penalty on the first play of the game because your best offensive lineman apparently wasn't supposed to be in the game and didn't know it.

    Stuff like that is as discouraging as anything, just completely amateur mistakes that kind of let you know that something isn't right.
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  16. Even Gary hisownself said things aren't right when he stated that If I knew what was wrong I would have fixed it already.

    THAT is the most discouraging thing. Pay a guy $5mil a year to not know his job, and not deliver results, or even anything approximating results.
  17. Keep yawning as old guard like you watches this thing crater and the Armed Forces Bowl becomes your highlight of the year.
  18. Where the scheiss were you last week? Sitting on threads to bump that you were unable to last week. Go the scheiss somewhere else if you are just here to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] all over our team without constructive criticism.

    You were one of the idiots saying we were going 3-9
  19. Shouldn’t you have put this in a new thread, sparky?
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  20. Him like many others were waiting to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] all over us last week but we won so they had to save all their material for this week
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