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What "grow them up" really means

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Not a slide show guys, despite the title looking like one.

    Grow them up means we get classes laden with guys who at the time they entered TCU are not FBS caliber players. They do show some potential but no way are they ready to play at this level. We take 2 or three years then finally a few get bigger, faster and skilled enough to play well. A few then make it to the NFL. GP does a great job of developing a handful of players given 3 or 4 years. But a football team is made up of 22 starters, plus kickers. Developing the handful of lesser rated recruits to go with the 4/5* recruits is what OU had done, even Alabama has a few 3* athletes who become stars. Now it looks like Texas finally has the coaching to go along with their fantastic talent.

    I had hoped that this was the year we could break through, have a great year and finally start recruiting to build a top-notch program. Three or four 4* and no 5* will not get you to the B12 championship now. Unfortunately we have blown this chance, and Baylor and SMU have taken our place. I have never been so pessimistic about the future of this program. All because GP likes to give his OC a chance to excel. I am tired of the best we can do on recruiting is low 20's, on rare occasions. There is just so good you can get.

    Texas can have several bad classes and still succeed. I don't know that TCU can.
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  2. Well said. Unfortunately, that appears to be the situation. Hope the AD reads this--he's probably the only one who can resolve this.
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  3. Well said? Really? It's just a bunch of hyperbole for the most part.

    The combined recruiting classes of this current team I'm pretty sure has the highest ranking of any team we've had in the last 75 years. We're not where we are because of bad recruiting classes.
  4. Yeah if you look at recruiting rankings, TCU has decisively out-recruited every team we’ve lost to. I bet the rankings difference between TCU and SMU/ISU/KSU is bigger than the difference between Alabama/OU/UT and TCU. This extends back to our last loss last year as well, Kansas, who also wasn’t anywhere near TCU recruiting wise

    Right now we’re simply a program that does less with more. We’re winning more recruiting battles than we ever have, to worse results. That’s a fact.
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    CDC may have had the stones to sit Gary down and tell him to clean house, giving him an ultimatum that he needed to find people who could actually fulfill their job description of consistently doing the most with players' talent, but it's difficult to see anyone else doing it. Coaches of GP's stature and length of tenure rarely have external accountability mechanisms. If he won't hold himself accountable, no one else is going to do so.

    Like our OP, I'm despondent at present. I'm sure that GP is going to replace Sonny, but I'm almost as certain that he'll stick the new guy with same old conditions: work with Anderson, Burns, and co.; they're my boys and we're in this together. Don't ask any questions or suggest anyone else.

    We will not win a Big XII championship with these guys, GP or no.
  6. Lighten up, guy. It’s going to be ok.
  7. This young AD wont do a thing how did he get this gig? Was he ever an AD anywhere? this is a power 5 job ! what are we doing? The staff reminds me of a dillon high coach taylor Friday night lights disaster...might as well hire riggins to coach the fullbacks.
  8. I'd love to have John Riggins on staff. . . I bet he could fill the Bumpas void, and generally amp up the badass factor. Plus the stories would be epic.
  9. like this is a really bad parody profile right?
  10. "Grow them up" means we are having another [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty year and I have to say something to compensate for the poor recruiting and give hope to the masses.

    Do we ever reach the point where we are grown up?
  11. Second dumbest thing I’ve read tonight. Congrats.
  12. Nope, sorry. This is the second dumbest. OP gets a bronze.
  13. You’re either a troll or a scheissing moron. Or both.
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  14. “Grow them up” is an excuse. Gary needs to stop saying stupid [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] and start winning games.
  15. Next person that talks [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about Eric Dillon needs to meet me at Frog Fountain!

    Clear Eyes! Full Hearts! Can’t Lose!!
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  16. Billy, count me as a no on the John Riggins idea. Not that I don't like the dude, but we already had the drug bust drama.
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  17. Peacefrog - It is not ok to lose to SMU, Iowa State, and Kansas State. Sorry, this is not acceptable and the buck stops with Gary. We will be lucky to finish 5-7 at the rate we’re going. Gary, please, please either let Sonny run the offense that way it should be on let him go. And Gary we love you for everything you’ve done but this defense gives up far, far too many big plays.

    Status quo ain’t gonna cut it bruh.
  18. I remember Andy's first starting season, we lost 5 games in the regular season. Similar to this. So tap the brakes on the season number until the end. After the insane [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] that went down at the end of last season, who knows. Collins could come in and do something crazy, then Max could come back in and match it. Then Reagor could say, "that's it, this is supposed to be my highlight reel" and jump over to corner back and have like monumental numbers of interceptions.
    Then the ncaa drops the ban hammer on baylor and Herman gets busted with another stripper. Then Riley goes to the Cowboys Dana gets the OU gig. You never know how [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] will turn out.

    Also, why am I out of rum?
  19. Yawn.
  20. I was pretty damn sure this post was going to end with the American flag flowing in the breeze and fireworks exploding in the background.
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