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WFMZ: TCU Horned Frogs Welcome Hellas' New Synthetic Turf System At Indoor Practice Facility


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TCU Horned Frogs Welcome Hellas' New Synthetic Turf System At Indoor Practice Facility​

  • By Hellas Construction
FORT WORTH, Texas, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The TCU Horned Frogs take their athletics seriously, so when it was time to replace the synthetic turf in their indoor practice facility, Hellas Construction was the natural choice.

The Sam Baugh Indoor Practice Facility is an 80-yard, regulation width, multi-use field with two full end zones and a sixty-foot vaulted ceiling to accommodate passing and kicking drills. The climate-controlled building and nearby Cox Field, provide the ideal year-round practice environment for student athletes to develop their skills and ensure performance readiness regardless of weather.

Read more at https://www.wfmz.com/news/pr_newswi...cle_eddfbac3-4f13-51cf-9924-783b0c76a3a0.html

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Reading further, I see we are following Iowa State, Baylor and most of the NFL who installed recently. This is interesting. A town called Manor, TX, (outside of Austin) their high school has installed this turf in " all " of their facilities. Things r good in TEXAS!!


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In case anyone is wondering, you can replace your yard lawn with this stuff for the low low price of about $6.00 a sqare ft.

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yeah, learned this am a MLB guy is going to hv this turf installed in his front yard. The back yard has no grass as it is filled w/ outdoor toys. (ie: lake, pool, gardens etc. This same MLB guy will finally move into his house in a couple of weeks. It's been under construction for two years. An interesting tidbit, this young baseball hero, has a full (60') batting gage in his house. That's 60' X 12' dimensions. To go along with inside sound proof firing range, is his glass doored garages with room enough for eight vintage muscle cars. It's small by some standards; a single story house, eight BR's, of course eight Baths too. Last week I counted 27 huge TV's and a sound system that actually blows your clothes off. Electronics galore. Sq feet?? well above 18,000. Cost several, several million and to finish this item off....HE ISN'T MARRIED, has never been married and no kids. Unbelievable story right? He had a good week at the plate this past week and will most likely sign another multi-million dollar contract in a couple of years. If you follow MLB you certainly will recognize the name but you'll not get it from me! BTW...he's a pretty good joe...

For some reason, professional athletes, Hollywood producers, directors have honed in on this outfit. In a couple of weeks when this kid closes on his house, this will make the sixth celebrity house they have built in the last seven yrs.

One last thing that will make you shake your head. A man from the Congo bought I think, 90 acres. Picked up and moved fifty fully grown Elm etc trees and relocated them to make the perfect home site, all on OOOVersized lots. Says he'll sell those plots for close to 900k+$ each. (one plot = is a little over one ac. In this soon to be neighborhood, one acre would probably just handle their garage and tool room.

Not many people travel in this sector so those of us just can't wrap our head around such huge sums of capital these folks have it believe it,. they have it and a lot more. Million dollar incomes per month r very close to you, you just don't know it. Welcome to Texas, proud to say.
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