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WEEK 7 - Other Games Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Big 12....Embarrassing
  2. So when the center snaps the ball off his butt it's an illegal snap?
  3. Incompetence in its finest form
  4. Stole the game from Texas Tech they want Baylor to win this one.
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  5. Quarterbacks flexing is always a stupid look.
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  6. If Tech scores they better go for 2
  7. More ra**.
  8. Here comes the refs again
  9. If the officials are helping Baylor vs Texas Tech. They want Baylor in the top 25. They are going to do the same with Baylor vs TCU.
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  10. Big 12 crew blew up this game.
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  11. Another injured Baylor defender.
  12. Helmet throw is a penalty?
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  13. Baylor and SMU about to be a combined 12-0. I really hope this is pissing GP off.
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  14. Baylor students flexing is even worse.
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  15. Yep.

    but we might be the last ones who should point that out
  16. Kinda of expecting a makeup call, but guess not.
  17. Tech is just immeasurably better coached this year.
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  18. how do you make up for a turnover in OT

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