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WEEK 7 - Other Games Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. For those of you who complain about our coaching at least from what I can remember our coaches have never gone full retard like Texas State's Jake Spavital did tonight.

    Texas State down 3, ULM has the ball is facing a 4th and 2 and there was about 2:30 to go in the game. Texas State still has all 3 timeouts... so instead of saving the 3 incase ULM gets a 1st down, Spavital instead decides to burn back to back timeouts on this 4th down play. Then they jump offsides to give ULM the first down that ended the game. Good job, dumbass. That's why you keep all 3 timeouts in that situation.
  2. scheiss the U
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  3. BYU will start a RS Freshman at QB tomorrow...he will also happen to be the first black QB to ever start a game at BYU
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  4. uva with one of if not the worst hail mary attempt i have seeb
  5. scheiss BYU
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  6. Colorado OC just went full Cumbie.
  7. OU might score 50 today. And BJ Foster just got hurt again.
  8. Did OU just play some actual defense?
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  9. Would be fun to have a full stadium.
  10. If we were a top 10 team going into a home game vs these two teams we would.
  11. That’s a fumble
  12. Definitely a fumble.
  13. Would be fun to be a top ten team.
  14. Whorns going to catch a huge break on that fumble. They were about to be down 14-0.
  15. Fumble not withstanding, Texas looks to be out of their league right now.
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  16. Yep. OU and UT combined probably have 15x the living alum base that we do
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  17. It would. Or at least to be able to beat teams like SMU and Iowa State and be on some path to getting there.
  18. And 1000X the T-shirt fans
  19. Hurts is gonna run for like 200 yards on us.
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