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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TX_Krötenechse, Sep 7, 2019.

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  2. Those OU QBs...

  3. Cowboys get an A++ for that game
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  4. I guess NFL doesn’t penalize pick plays. Cardinals just tied it at 24
  5. Now Murray has 24 (and an 18 point 4th quarter)..... oops.

    Also, this jackhole announcer thinks his name is Tyler.
  6. Pretty impressive debut by Kellen Moore as the OC.
  7. Let’m play the Swedes
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  8. So, I watched the replay of the Tennessee Vol game. Good gosh. Their secondary just looked lost. When BYU made the pass play to set up the game tie FG that sent it to overtime, Vols were in cover 3. That guy still manage to get back behind the corner by about 10 yards. All because the poor kid just lost him. They have a lot to fix up there.
  9. Didn't want to start another thread to ask this question: Will we find out the SMU kickoff time tomorrow (Monday)?
  10. Is Banogu starting at DE for the Colts?
  11. Was at the Tech game yesterday and they throw the ball across the middle about 75% of the time which freed up the WR screen. They scored twice on the screen because the defense was expecting the slant.

    Sonny please take note!!

    I know it was UTEP but still...
  12. Aggie starting RB tore his hamstring against Clemson. Out for the year. Not gonna be a good year for them.
  13. Clemson looked very good.
    I am amazed at what Swinney has done there. Considering the budget is no where near the likes of Bama, Ohio State, Texas types.
    Listened to a great podcast interview Sports Spectrum did with Eric Mac Lain (Who is now on ACC Network). Mac's comments about how genuine Swinney is and how he operates were good to hear. Lots of good coaches out there focused on doing it the right way.
  14. This Saints-Texans game just took an interesting turn
  15. And another interesting turn
  16. Mildly surprised the Texans outscored the Astros
  17. Normally the NFL can kick rocks, but as a neutral observer, that Saints/Texans game was a fun watch.
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  18. When GP beat him in '09, it was his first year, and Clemson had just been so-so. He turned it around and had never been a head coach but was on Clemson staff when Bowden resigned mid season in '08.

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