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  1. I literally watch the ball, all play, every play.
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  2. What took so long?
  3. aggy scores here and they could be in quality loss territory. Whoop!
  4. aaaand, no.
  5. Jimbo always looks like he just stepped in a pile of dog [ steaming pile of Orgeron ].
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  6. CU scored. And now just forced and recovered a fumble in Nebraska territory.
  7. They blew that whistle before the ball even touch Lawrence's hand on the snap.
  8. CU about to score.
  9. aggie can't handle the tempo and flopping
  10. aTm has 213 yards.
  11. Another D lineman down for Aggies. GUMBO will go off about this after the game.
  12. They'll do some faith heeling.
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  13. a good chunk of that came with Clemson having back ups in on Defense for some crazy reason.
  14. Now, the announcers are saying that Brewer is “totally fine.”

    So, who knows?

    Go Frogs!
  15. was the score close when they were saying he might be injured?
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  16. Was it a supposed foot injury?
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  17. With all these injuries and cramps and flops it’s almost like Jimbo cancelled a practice or a conditioning session or something.
  18. would have to be. because, like Texas, they don't ever claim concussions...
  19. So when does Aggie get started on the upset?

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  20. Ag quitting

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