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Week 13 other games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Legit fights only happen in the SEC
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  2. I rarely watch the Super Bowl either. Not at all an NFL guy. Outside of a TCU event the one sporting event that I’m for sure watching is the World Cup. Love the College World Series too.
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  3. Nobody’s fan bases are very bright when it comes to these kind of debates. All they see is through their (insert school colors) colored glasses. As LVH said, the OSU-OU debate could be, and will be, ugly if both teams win next week. But only one team can go.
  4. I'm sure we'll get plenty of fair and unbiased perspective from all the former Buckeyes who work at ESPN
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  5. Hell, I’ll even watch a World Cup final, and I think soccer is the most boring sport ever invented.
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  6. I’d take a 2 loss UGA over both of them
  7. That Piss and Vinegar guy seems smart.
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  8. Not so sure about that yet
  9. I’m not talking about the final. I’m talking about waking up at 3:00 AM to watch Cameroon vs Peru.
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  10. I’d love to see what happens if UGA wins that game. Bama would have the worst win out of everyone but no shot they get left out
  11. I miss watching the America’s Cup. The perfect balance of wealth, engineering, strategy, athleticism, and litigation.
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  12. Yes. I think they have already started the narrative with OU vs Michigan (OU not a complete team) and will just transfer that to OSU.
  13. Big 10 plays no defense.
  14. No idea. Depends on what criteria the committee decides is going to be used this year, since it seems to change every year.

    Both teams have valid points. What Oklahoma has going for them is that they will have beaten everyone they played and will have the better loss.

    What Ohio State has going for them is they got a lot of style points today

    In terms of OOC schedule, both teams played a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] Pac 12 team(UCLA/Oregon State). I think Tulane > Florida Atlantic and Army > TCU but not by much in both cases.

    Oklahoma has road wins over West Virginia and Iowa State. Ohio State has road wins over Penn State and Michigan State. Both are about even with perhaps a slight lean toward Oklahoma's road wins.

    Both teams had a lucky escape win. Maryland and Army.

    I think the bottom of the Big 12 is better than the bottom of the Big 10, so beating Kansas and Kansas State and Texas Tech > Rutgers and Indiana and Nebraska.

    What Oklahoma is missing is a huge win over a Top 10 team like Ohio State had today.

    This is a total crapshoot.
  15. Add Tottenham and both Olympics and this is pretty much me, too.
  16. Didn't litigation ruin the America's Cup?
  17. Michigan State would be 4-8 at best in the Big 12 this year. They could have lost 4 more games this year than they did
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  18. Aaaaannnnd here come the push from Herbie. He was bashing OU’s defense but yet Ohio State gave up near 40 points.

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  19. Clockwork
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  20. I’ve soured on the Olympics. Too political. I’ll watch the men’s hockey, men’s/women’s soccer, maybe some swimming and track.

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