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  1. ....And extra crispy!
  2. Yes. I hope we can be the cinderella story this year and go all the way to Omaha.
  3. Imagine if we could play error free baseball how far this team could go.
  4. Don’t you have some sinus congestion and a cough cough cough coming on?
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  5. Holy Hell! The Frogs are playing with the house’s money as far as I’m concerned. I’m happy for the staff and the team
  6. The funny thing is we are the #3 seed - not #4.
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  7. From the vid that Moose posted it looks like a few of the Frogs were about as surprised as some of us were that they got picked. Mrs. Brewingfrog was joking that somebody had to run and get Schloss off a plane bound for Hawaii...
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  8. Off topic but if you have a little time and a car you should do two things in Charleston: Visit the Angel Oak...you will never see any living thing like it and have a burger and a beer at Poe’s on St John Island. If you are really ambitious, read the Poe short story The Gold Bug...
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  9. "this team" is incapable of playing error free baseball for any length of time. Playing error free ball would mean that it's not "this team". We either need to win and win quickly (three games) or hope that the errors don't come at the most critical times. Our FLD% is .960 which puts us around the #250's in D1. It's just who we are.
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  10. Well it is stunning and I believe unprecedented by a fairly wide margin relative to RPI and at-large's. Punters' begging worked.
  11. Looked at their stats, Lee hit .340, 14 HR's, and led the team with 56 RBI's. Also have two guys with 19 SB's, one of them 19-19, so they also run some.
  12. Will someone please post the entire Fayetteville Regional schedule? All I can get is we play at 6 Friday and Arky plays at 1 or 2 or whatever before our game. Certainly the rest of the times are set.
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    I’m working to get a full explanation from someone who would know on how we got in. Will post when I hear back .
  14. Yeah, how do you squeak into the tourney as a #3 seed? Is it because they know some autobids just suck that much?
  15. Evidently
  16. Yes

    Same reason the bubble teams in the NCAA basketball tournament are usually around 11 seeds and not 16 seeds.
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  17. The TV explanation was the Frogs starting to get healthy and strong starting pitching plus just finishing one game behind .500 in league play. That last is dubious because we were a cancelled game from that last year AND we went to the Big12 tournament finals and should have won. I suspect it’s our Tier 1 record (12-14) which is far better ratio than last year and way better than Mizzou at 8-16-1.
  18. So if we managed to win this regional, what needs to happen for us to host a super?

    Obviously Ole Miss would have to lose too. But what happens after that? If Illinois won the Ole Miss regional would they automatically host the super bc they were the #2 seed vs us being #3? Or would it be up to the NCAA’s discretion?
  19. And because of this it’s protection for their #1 seeds

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