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Wake Forest BBall coach killed a guy...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Aug 9, 2018.

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    with a punch. Not sure how many have seen this story but I saw it the other day and apparently they finally identified the culprit today and it’s an assistant basketball coach at Wake Forest.

    A man was in NYC for his inlaw’s wedding. He was going back to his hotel and waiting for his Uber. He knocked on this coach’s car window thinking that may have been his Uber and the coach flat out punched him knocking him back whereupon the guy hit his head on the concrete. The coach and a young kid that saw it happen propped him up and the coach drove off from what the previous story I read mentioned. The guy died later at the hospital.

    While I’m sure the coach never meant for something like that to happen, he must be some sort of super [ Arschloch] to get into a confrontation and then punch a dude just because the guy mistook the coach’s car for an Uber.

    Wake Forest basketball assistant Jamill Jones threw fatal punch at tourist, police say -
  2. Oh [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]! I saw this story earlier when they were trying to ID the puncher. Wow.
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  3. Does a standard tox screen for roids?
  4. You’d think they will upgrade the charges...
  5. My thoughts too. But I don’t know anything in regards to varying degrees of manslaughter or assault charges. But certainly it should be more than just an assault charge I would think.
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  6. I saw another article (New York Post, maybe) that said the victim was walking around, banging on every car in the area. Sounded like he was drunk, and someone that lived in that area went out and confronted him about hitting the cars and the victim punched that person. The coach came in soon after and punched/killed the victim.
  7. Is the Post still considered the inflammatory NY rag?
  8. Couldn't tell ya
  9. I’m sure he was drunk. Haven’t seen that other report though, didn’t know that.
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  10. And i dont know either. Whats a newspaper anyway.
  11. That’s nothing. I’ve killed 2 people with my mind alone. Not kidding.
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  12. I think they used to print out a little section of the Internet every morning and then try to sell it to you.

    I hear they used to do the same thing with businesses called, and I could have this wrong, "yellow pages". Apparently just an annual version of Yelp printed out for you.
  13. Anyone else see BB coach and "killed a guy" in the headline and immediately think of Baylor?
  14. FIFY
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  15. No but i did ask "Danny Manning?"
  16. I thought of Brick Tamland.
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  17. Because they were from the Midwest?
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  18. Rule#28: Generally avoid punching people if at all possible. Not much good can come from it.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. A totally unprovoked assault resulting in an untimely death.....throw away the key.
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