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W to throw out first pitch at OSU - TCU game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Boonescabanaboy, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. So who would that be? And just to be clear it’s not Gary Busey or Pete Incaviglia.
  2. Jim Ifland....(and not just because he was my son's hitting instructor).
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  3. If you can get GWBush to throw out the first pitch, you get GWBush to throw out the first pitch. It is a no brainer. Plus, he throws strikes.
  4. Seems cool to me.
    Can we talk tcu baseball tho? It’s weird that this thread is a thing.
  5. A thread about a former two term president throwing out the first pitch at a TCU baseball game is talking about TCU baseball.
  6. Preston Hollow is where the real money lives.
  7. the reach TO ME for the final time is bush has no ties to school, the program, heck the state and when he did throw out the most famous first pitch in history that was tied to his job at the time.

    he is a former president who got asked to throw out the first pitch at a college baseball stadium.

    as i typed TWICE before, they can get whomever they want and i have no clue who that would be because i have no clue on their famous alums since boone died, but there has to be someone who is tied to that school and/or that program.
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    They should have Robin Ventura throwing and Nolan Ryan at the plate.
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  9. Best first pitch as well based on a Kzone study I saw
  10. Your pinkness is bleeding through a tad...
  11. Liu Shyh-fang would be a good option imo
  12. she might have trouble with those travel arrangements right now
  13. I heard they had considered others such as:
    Herbie Hind
    Hugh G. Rekshun
    Oliver Klozoff
    Harry Balzak
    Haywood Jablomee
    Jennie Talia
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  14. I still crack up every time I read these.
  15. What about the flight crew from that China Air crash? You know, Sum Ting Wong, Way Tu Lo, and Ho Lee Fuk?
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  16. That is one of the greatest moments of live TV.

    ** aside from the reporting of lives lost
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  17. It was the earnestness with which it was delivered.
  18. I like Dubya and miss his leadership but that ranch was a prop.
  19. Pretty sure he's been going there since before he was governor. Maybe a prop, but a long time prop. I think he still goes down there a lot to paint and he's still doing veterans charity events down there too.
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  20. flight engineer Won Hung Lo...

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