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W to throw out first pitch at OSU - TCU game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Boonescabanaboy, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. George W. Bush to Throw Out First Pitch at OSU’s O’Brate Stadium on March 20

    O’Brate Stadium is getting a pretty amazing opening on March 20 against TCU. According to one source I talked to and as first reported by the Tulsa World, former president George W. Bush will throw out the first pitch when the Pokes open their new digs against the Horned Frogs in three weeks.
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  2. Check the ball for illegal substances.
  3. New stadium looks pretty awesome
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  4. so instead of the guy who i guess wrote the check to build the stadium throwing out the first pitch you ask a friend of his who isn't from oklahoma, didn't go to school in oklahoma, his daughters didn't go to school in oklahoma, and he lives in central texas?
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  5. I think that dude is like 90 years old.
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  6. i realize you cant have garth brooks or gary busey do everything, but what about pete incavilgia or robin ventura?

    wasn't pete voted to multiple all time great college baseball teams and i seem to remember ward's osu teams always going to the cws when pete played for them.

    their ceremony and they can do what they want, but bringing in a former president with no tie to the school or the program seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex for a program that has some damn good tradition
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  7. Two time President of the US though
  8. Pretty sure he lives in the Dallas area (but doesn’t everyone according to the media?)
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  9. with no direct tie to the program or school and not like they are naming the thing after him.

    they can and will get who they want, just seems like they are reaching when i would think they would celebrate the history of the program.
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  10. i thought his library was at smu, but he had the ranch down in crawford.
  11. Definitely has the ranch in Crawford but think he lives near Highland Park
  12. maybe in that newer section of the village apartments since it is just the two of them now
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  13. One of my reps texted me that he lives in some place called Preston Hollow. Don’t really know where that is
  14. makes sense, i believe just north of highland/ university park
  15. Pretty high profile move. Will get a lot of attention.

    The Athletic Director, Holder, has proven himself to be an insane fund raiser. O'brate had never even been to a baseball game in Stillwater, and somehow Holder pried $30 million out of him.
  16. lol
  17. Weird flex but OK
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  18. Odd take.... two term POTUS and coincidentally probably threw out the most famous first pitch in history .... and that’s a “reach”???
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  19. I agree with Eight...and I love GDub...when you open a college facility usually the honor goes to a person tied to the school or at least the state. As Eight said Okie Lite has a good list to choose from.

    I like the move...just seems a little odd to me.
  20. It’s what T Boone wanted..... /probably

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