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  1. Only 3 guys have a chance and none of them are named Carpenter. #sad
  2. Let’s face it. That Jesus Aguilar is having one hell of a season.
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  3. Yeah I’m not sure how he isn’t already one the team. Same for Rosario in the AL
  4. Having taken 5 months to reach .250 it is surprising he is even in the conversation (looking at this without purple tinted glasses on).
  5. I must be at the wrong forum, then...
  6. Even with a TCU bias, still hard to argue .250 is all star worthy, especially when he just recently got there. I like Carp as much as anyone, but just trying to be realistic.
  7. He had a verrrrrrry slow start to the season. If you look at his stats broken down by month - He's been phenomenal after an abysmal April. Not sure if he was playing through an injury or not. Even so - I don't think his batting average for the season so far should be the end-all factor as far as this vote goes.
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  8. It's Jesus... we shouldn't be surprised.
  9. He had terrible luck in April at the plate. Absolutely murdered balls all over the yard but they were all right at guys. Never got the bloopers and bleeders you typically see to offset the bad luck. I read an article in late April that basically said his K% was low and his LD% (% of batted balls that were line drives) was higher than average. The author concluded that it was just a matter of time before the law of averages caught up for Carp. He was right.
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  10. Just in time for #VoteCarp I finished my first Carp custom bobble yesterday!

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  11. According to USAToday this morning, he’s in.
  12. I watch the Cards play, and Carp was going with a bad hip. He's a team guy, they needed him, so he did his best till healing.
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  13. He just hit his 3rd HR. It’s the 5th inning.
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  14. Yes he did!

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  15. Oddly enough, they took him out of the game...

  16. 1 RBI short of most RBI ever by a leadoff batter in one game and 3 total bases short of most total bases in a game ever. And he would have been facing position players the rest of the way apparently. SMH.
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    Didn't think he could top the 5 for 5, 2 homer, 2 doubles, 3 runs and 3 rbi's of a few days ago, but he just did.
    5 for 5, 3 homers, 2 doubles, 7 rbi's, 4 runs and 16 total bases today ( 7-20- 2018).
    Shades of Stan Musial for Matt, who started slow this year, but predicted he would come out of it.
    Go Carp, you are one determined guy.

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