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Vote for Jonathan Song

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by watchfrog, Nov 17, 2019.

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  2. Done. He has been Mr.Automatic this year! The site shows his longest this year at 40. Didn’t he hit from 51 once?
    BEAT okie!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe](who lost yesterday, HAHA)!!
  3. think that was Kell
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  4. Looks like Tennessee is stuffing the ballot box...……..
  5. So Tennessee fans have clearly found the voting site. Go vote. Takes like 10 seconds.
  6. Maybe the dudes at the top of the list get more visibility. Maybe he can change his name to Jonathon Bong or something.


    TN fans need something, anything to win. Maybe a banner...
  7. Done and Tweeted
  8. Bottom of poll: "Your vote does not count towards actual finalists."
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  9. Jonathan has a fairly considerable lead, currently.
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  10. Ha! He had like 30 votes a couple hours ago .
  11. I pushed it out to our Facebook group and then Song picked up our tweet; that helped a lot. Then y’all went nuts. Love the FrogFam.
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  12. Since Trump wasn’t a choice, I voted for Song.
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