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Utah threatening to join Big 12???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by peacock, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Interesting report on the Bruins 24/7 site about a contentious vote in the Pac-12 CEO Meetings

    "Among the disparate opinions were Utah apparently threatening to leave the conference for the Big 12 and USC threatening to go independent for the season."

  2. Would love Utah in our conference
  3. Bring Colorado and call it a day. Maybe some backchannel conversation going on?
  4. So they'll have a championship game and on the same weekend everyone else will get a trophy. Sounds about right.
  5. Would be fun to run them out of yet another conference.
  6. I would prefer bringing back Nebraska and Colorado. You are getting a little far-flung with WVU and Utah.
  7. Utah brought it up. Let them come. Nebraska and Colorado have not expressed desires to change conferences.
    "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" If another PAC-12 member expresses desire then I'm really excited.
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  8. Nebraska and MIZ in my opinion. Colorado not relevant since the 90s
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  9. So Big XII has made an offer or something close to it to Utah? Or are they just assuming Big XII will add?
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  10. Selfishly I would love making a trip to Utah every other year. Great place for a game.
  11. Nebraska hasn't been relevant either to be honest. Colorado/Boulder in the Big 12 is an easier sell for recruits. Awesome town, awesome location. Great place to travel for fans.
  12. Call me crazy but I think Nebraska could be had. Not sure I'd want them, especially as a TCU fan, but I wouldn't rule out them being invited back if the opportunity presents itself.
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  13. Amazing how the Big 12 has emerged in covid times as one of the more stable conferences.
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  14. And Mizzou and Nebraska have been?
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  15. Three-time zone conferences are unwieldy....When we were in the WAC, we never knew the results of Hawaii games until tomorrow, and that was a four-zone alignment (Central, Mountain, Pacific, Hawaii)....Bringing Colorado and Utah would get B12 to 12 teams, but West Virginia would probably start looking to move on to ACC or Big 16 or MAC or C-USA...then B12 would have 11 teams [maybe swap WVU with Iowa to stay at 12, but not likely]....Just typing of the top of my head....Let the flaming begin for independent thinking....
  16. let’s get into the debate again about how WVU is too far away for the conference yet Utah is better, but pretty much equidistance, because there are less states in between.
  17. Don't stop there. Make a pitch to the AZ schools, Nebraska and Arkansas. Ditch KSU, KU and ISU. Trade WVU for Arkansas. Mizzou could go to the B10 where they have always wanted to go. KU too. Sorry about KSU and ISU...AAC would probably have you. Get radical here.
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  18. All well and good but tbh, the movers and shakers in this conference who are really going to influence what happens next, if anything happens next, are probably running through these same scenarios and saying "ditch TCU".
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  19. Mizzou won their conference in the SEC I believe and Nebraska was always in the Big 12 title game.
  20. You really think those teams want to give up a trip to DFW every other year?

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