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UT = DBU??

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by DeFrog, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. No doubt. Creating a LSU QB legend before our very eyes! Rooting for the Horns for the conference but good gawd!
  2. Brilesbag University
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  3. UT=ATM with those kind of make believe claims.
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  4. The title of DBU will be vacant after this game.
  5. The camera crew kept showing that kid in stands in UT gear crying. I wondered why Maniac was decked out in UT gear.
  6. Neither team is DBU tonight.
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  7. Talent wise both teams looked pretty good
  8. I thought so too. Both defenses were totally out of gas by the 4th quarter. Great QB play on both sides. Hate both teams but heck of a game, they are both very good.
  9. That TX offense is going to be tough to stop.
  10. you are presuming sam is still alive when texas plays the frogs
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  11. Is Dallas Baptist no longer DBU?
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  12. I could root for them in theory for conference boost, however I know they’d never root for us even in the title game so I’m happy to return the favor. Glad LSU won frankly. Both aggy and UT got humble pie today.
  13. Maybe it should be Kansas … they only gave up 12 points Saturday. Less Miles is teaching them how to play the D.
  14. boy's daddy should teach him not to cry over football.
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  15. Those boys in Austin have been playing the D for over 100 years. Bunch a steers and, well, you know...
  16. His daddy was crying too. Momma's job to teach him that apparently.
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    I consider myself an amateur lip reader and a barroom psychologist. Kid dropped two f bombs. Kid ain’t all there.
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  18. I loved the crowd shot of the gals celebrating a TD when in reality the ball had been dropped. The one at the end got it, and finally said to the other girls (easy lip reading here) "He dropped it." Reminds me of the celebration at a TT bar in 2015 when Doctson tipped the ball and it was caught by Green for a TCU win.:D

    Also, although Burroughs played very well, he also had some very, very open receivers. He rarely had to thread the ball between receivers...in that way Ehlinger beat him. But yeah, I will be surprised if Ehlinger makes it through the season.

    One thing is shows, though, is you can be a pretty good defense (LSU) and still have a lot of points scored against you by a B12 opponent. Unfortunately Texas looked like OU has the last few years and the stereotype of the B12: all offense, no defense. Maybe LSU's offense is really that good...we shall see.
  19. Brilesbag university sure
  20. Needs to be made into a gif ASAP.
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