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  1. Good news / bad news today

    The site of the original tumor showed “ thickening” which indicates new growth in that location.

    The new tumor discovered last month hasn’t shrunk but it hadn’t grown. That means the chemo drug used in the last cycle isn’t working so we bring out the heavy artillety, IV’s.

    In the next week to ten days, I’ll have a medical port implanted in my chest to allow easy access for the IV’s. Some of the veins in my arm have taken a beating so the port will be easier

    Blood counts are down a little but still in the acceptable range so she’s not concerned about it.

    She ran everything past the neuro surgeon and he felt that he could remove a lot of what’s going on but we’ll hold off on surgery for now. One brain surgery in a lifetime is plenty for me but if I have to, then I have to.

    MD Anderson is back in the picture so wheels are in motion to start that process again.

    Another option is Optune. Google it if you get bored. I’ve seen them at her office and it looks like you have a vacuum cleaner hose attached to your head. Plus you have to shave your head daily and wear the darned thing 16-18 hours per day. Not terribly crazy about that one but if I have to,, I have to

    We still have options and that’s great. My doc is aggressively going after this stuff and I like that

    That’s all for now

    Thanks for your love and support

    Send Bourbon ( I’m kidding )
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  2. Wes, thanks for the update. Is your hearing better?
    Prayers continue. :)
  3. I'll send Bourbon if you give me the address. Anything that will make you fell better.
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  4. Yes and no on the hearing. Everything still sounds distorted and electronic. Watching TV isn’t fun because it sounds like I am in the middle of a volcano, so I have turned to reading for entertainment, which won’t hurt me a bit
  5. I was kidding about the bourbon. Probably shouldn’t drink with all the meds I am on
  6. You're a strong man. NEGU!
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  7. We are all rooting for you.
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  8. I’m trying to be but man......
  9. Hang in there. You've certainly got a great attitude going for you.
  10. Damn Wes, that is harsh.

    I can go up and kick the first dude wearing Baylor gear that I see, if that will help?
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  11. Go for it but not for me, do it for the sake of humanity
  12. I’m trying

  13. Well, that puts a new spin on GBM. My wife always used that acronym to refer to Gingerbread Man cookies. Many of us are approaching, OK, already in, what can be charitably referred to as life's final quarter. (Some of you may well be in O.T.) And as in most sporting events, that last quarter gets rather intense; pressure mounts, mishaps happen, and the referees miss crucial calls. It can be a tough go.

    Wes you have set a standard of bravery and class that I would be hard-pressed to emulate if traveling the same path as you. Thank you for the excellent example you set for us all, hold on to life with both hands, and may God be merciful to you in all ways and at all times. Prayers continue.
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  14. Thanks. Gotta keep my chin up, face into the wind and sense of humor intact. If my humor goes, then this stuff wins
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    Gosh you make me blush but I do appreciate your kind words. I really do

    There have times when I have wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cry. And there have been times when I told myself, “not without a fight”

    If this stuff wins, it will know that it’s been in a battle.

    There is a lot that I want to see and do before it’s over. Going to the College World Series is one of my bucket list items and with or without my Frogs, I’m going this year

    In fact I told Schlossnagle that I am going and it would be nice if my Frogs went with me. No pressure coach
  16. "Laughter doeth good like a medicine" says the Good Book.
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  17. I need to laugh
  18. Just read that women appear to do better than men with this. Time to start identifying as a woman, Wes.
  19. God bless you man. Sending prayers your way
  20. Can I be a rich one?

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