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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by zfrawg, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. I look back at the '09 Utah game, with the entire ACS crammed with Purple Folk... It is sad to think that that cannot ever happen again, due to short-sightedness, greed, and the unwillingness of those in charge to fix what is a glaring problem.
  2. People wore purple that night that are now wearing crimson, red, orange and whatever color their teams are.
  3. Why don’t you get a large group of you + all your friends to sit in the same section & actually create some west side crowd noise?

    To be fair, the student section also sucks as we’ve seem to admitted more snowflakes or non-football types in the past year.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Lower bowl seats suck (upper deck season ticket holder since 1982).
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  6. The 5 year deal is to help with taxes. They did the same thing for the initial suites in 2012. It isn’t a new thing because they are desperate for cash.
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  7. I don't know about anyone else, but I will trade a consistent atmosphere of big time football, even if that means more OU and UT fans in the stands than there were Utes that day, compared to the MWC days of 1 great game and 3-5 others of 25-30k in the stands.

    Even before that 09 game, our last sell out was Tech, and you can't convince me that game didn't have a comparable visiting-fan ratio as our current stadium does.
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  8. Dead
  9. If we are going to complain about things on a thread that I thought was positive at the outset then I’ll complain about this bigger trend also. More and more students are being accepted from out of state (Cali, etc.) that probably aren’t going to stay in Texas after graduation. It’s going to be harder and harder to build an alumni fan base that will come to most games. Also, students, just waiving three fingers does nothing. You have to actually yell also.

    I digress bc the video was awesome and got me jacked for some Carter atmosphere this year and a big rebound!
  10. People always conveniently forget that there were about 30k people in the stadium for basically every game during 2008-2010 “golden period”. You were lucky to have one half decent game a year. In 2010 our home slate was a bunch of nobodies
  11. Atmosphere was always solid for the blackout games for big 12 conference.

    Convinced that the frog camp team doesnt teach the alma mater or educate the new students that they should and need to make noise at football games.

    Purple striped overall student crew is tacky and weird. We apparently stole it from Wisconsin or Indiana / random big ten school.
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  12. Just a note: About half of out-of-state students at TCU choose to remain in Texas after graduation. They do so because their career prospects and standard of living are higher here than in most of their home states. This includes California.
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  13. I miss the old wood bench seats and walking in the concourse with whatever is was dripping on you from above. Also miss being able to sit anywhere you wanted.
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  14. Says Winthorpe, while sipping brandy and Penelope by his side stroking his hair.

    Geez man, lighten up on the kids trying to have a little fun and back their team. You remind me of the east side types that stay seated and politely applaud so not to appear gauche.
  15. Well that’s the point. It’s not the students trying to have fun, it was forced by some organization related to athletics with an application process. Students are indifferent, at best, towards the overall gang.
  16. tcu admin: lets create a video and put out tweets everyday until game day in august, it will get the fans excited.

    fans: bitching and arguing for 31 straight days

    tcu admin: ...
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  17. Where’s the goddamn video??
  18. I like this sniping... Means the angst/anger level is rising for the season... I'd put it at about a 7, hope we don't peak too soon. I want it at 11 when UTerus comes to town.
  19. I remember those days, unfortunately you could sit wherever you wanted only because no one was there. And when there were more than 20k they were all in orange, red or morons, I mean maroon.
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  20. I seriously we have lost any recruits due to the West side. Overall size of stadium and thus total number of fans possible, yes. "Name" and press hype, yep. But we can't do anything about that except win.

    Grass is always greener, I guess.

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