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Too early Baseball poll has TCU...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by frogtex, Jun 29, 2020 at 1:59 PM.

  1. ...way too low, is the punchline, IMHO.
  2. They seem to like the Big XII.
  3. Wi Tu Lo
  4. Wun Hung Lo.
  5. Hung Far Low (an actual sign in Portland).

  6. Hosting!

    (no fans allowed)
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  7. And here I thought it was the pilot: Ho Lee Fuk.
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  8. Why does UCLA get their initials but TCU and LSU are spelled out?
  9. Um. Oh, you mean in the story....
  10. Frogs would be projected as a national seed if they could bunt.
  11. Dr Wong, one of the sociology professors when I was at TCU, used to tell this joke about when he went to China and was walking down the street. A guy bumped into him, and didn't say anything. He yelled at the guy, "Hey you!" and half the people turned around. Then the other guy said "Who me?" and the other half turned around.
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  12. He was a funny dude. Enjoyed his class.
  13. Lol...they aint playing ball next year. Baseball getting cancelled soon for something.
  14. Sum Ting Wong
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  15. Not sure about the complaints. TCU gets the biggest bump (up 6 spots) of any team in the poll. OU gets the biggest drop (down 8) due to having to replace their whole weekend rotation.
  16. a little change of pace but does Thompson look like he has beefed up in the break?

  17. Are Texas Tech and UT that good?
  18. Tech is, UT probably not
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