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Time to start scheduling worth a [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] in non conference play.

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Both us and Oklahoma went 7-11 in the Big 12, we made it further than them in the Big 12 tournament

    But because we schedule like cowards in non conference and Oklahoma scheduled up and actually played good teams, they got in.

    Oklahoma had the 11th ranked non conference SOS.

    There you go.
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  2. Dixon had better schedule a soft pre-season with what we have coming back.
  3. Ridiculous OP. They’ll change “criteria” to suit the narrative
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  4. Also need to start winning Big 12 OT games. Have lost five straight going back to last season.
  5. We should be good next year. Bane and Noi will score and Samuels will be even better. Big question is PG and health of Mayen/improvement of Barlow. If the frosh can give us some depth, we should be fine.
  6. Guard play
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  7. Or beat Kansas when you have a 5 point lead with a minute left.

    You can easily make the argument that our non con schedule was exactly what we needed. Got us lots of wins and was just good enough to give us a great chance of getting in DESPITE a 7-11 conference record. Losing 11 conference games seems like a much bigger issue than who we scheduled.
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  8. Agree
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  9. Yeah, look at Ohio State, 8-12 in Big 10, non conference schedule much worse than ours , ranked 154 vs 109 per Warren Nolan, but magically in as 11th seed

  10. Dixon thinks you need to shut your mouth.
  11. Or look at St. John's or Temple...….don't understand why they are in and TCU is not.
  12. I think Temple's inclusion is the biggest travesty

    They are basically in for beating Houston and UCF at home. Thats it.
  13. We had a top 35 SOS. Win more than 3 Quadrant 1 games or hold on to 21 wins by beating KSU in the tournament and we are in.

    Schools with MUCH bigger followings than TCU were left out and schools like Temple and Belmont were in. No way that was a business decision.
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  14. This is the thing I don't understand at all. NET was supposed to be a huge thing and conference record was not supposed to be a factor and yet here we are.
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  15. I think we have a way better case than Ohio St, but we need to get passed hoping to win just enough Big 12 games to get in. 7-11 is asking to be left out. As for playing a tougher non-conference schedule, I would do it to improve our play once we get to conference. Look at Texas, playing a ridiculous non-conference schedule didn't help them all, in fact it probably hurt them.
  16. Everyone knows that Temple is in for the coach storyline. That is all.
  17. OU has 400,000 alumni, we have 50k. We have to just win and remove the BS excuses the committee will always have.

    Make your Free Throws, you beat Kansas and blow out WVU.

    Schedule was fine, fundamentals sucked.
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  18. Free throw shooting and injuries were the biggest reason for our downfall not the schedule.
  19. Turnovers
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  20. Belmont SOS was 196 and they got in so I'm not sure schedule strength is what kept us out.

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