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Was I supposed to type something here?
Colorado is maybe a 4 win team. Can't believe we lost to that crappy team.

Somehow the worse they play the more it concerns me about TCU. hopefully that was the equivalent of ohio states loss to VA tech in 2014. A total aberration. 10+ point victory vs WVU please.
That loss is looking more inexcusable every week.


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Yep not rehashing the game. Just praying we failed to prepare and played like [ Finebaum ] (just like Georgia game) and hopeful we remember it all year. WVU is sneaky, beat us 4 out of the last 5


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Watching Colorado rush 3 a few times, it works against spare QBs like the UH and SMU had. However, the really good QBs will just eat it up. Good news for us WV doesn’t have a QB that is a thrower.


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I only get more and more angry every week that we lost to this Colorado team. It pisses me off more now than it did when the clock ran down during the actual game. I can't believe we got beat by these guys, just absolutely inexcusable.
Not trying to make excuses, but we faced CO when they had Travis Hunter, their two way superstar, while Oregon and SC did not. Also, we beat OURSELVES that game with numerous costly TOs. I bet if we played CO now, the outcome would be entirely different. I chalk it up to the high pressure of the first game, with all the crazy publicity it got. Not to mention the putrid performance by our defense to top things off.

This team has improved week by week. I hope today that trend continues.


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The USC special teams hounded Bassett on the blocked punt.

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