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Things you'd like during the UT Game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. King Grackle Stout would do the trick... 9% is pretty damn stout. I'd forget I was even at a TCU game if I pregamed those for an hour or so.
  2. 1. Play our best players from the start.
    2. Stop swooping out the centers, the bad snaps cost us.
    3. See our young DTs in the game.
    4. Copper back starting at tackle, big drop off after him.
    5. Use of Tempo.
    6. Pressure by our DEs, they didn’t play well last week.
    7. Stewart splitting reps at corner with Tomlinson.
  3. Grilled salmon and pumpkin pancakes
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  4. geez, why don't you just piss on the fish instead if you are going to ruin it?
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  5. Have you tried any of the fine products of: 1.) Galveston Island Brewery, makers of 'Tiki Wheat' and other fine zymurgical essays, 2.) Brazos Valley Brewery, purveyors of some excellent stouts and other fine things, 3.) Buffalo Bayou Brewery, creators of many offbeat yet delicious concoctions? Presently, the Fridge of the Brewingfrog is packed up with Buffalo Bayou 'Black Raz' and some Temptress 'BBT' for the weekend, in addition to some of the other Usual Suspects.

    I am hoping that the Frogs will not drive us to Shots From the Skull again...
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  6. God bless my wife... its not even game day.


    Good night everyone. Life is good. All the time, life is good ;-).
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  7. 30-0 at the end of Q1.
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  8. I eat the salmon first. Then the pancakes are basically dessert.

    Also, scheiss you.
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  9. you have a future in politics
  10. Win by 1.....
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  11. A handle of Glenlivet
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. That we have at least one more point than they do after 4 quarters!! Anything else is just frosting
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  14. Is she at Albertsons?
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  15. Probably not in the frozen foods section.
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  16. Lagavulin anyone?
  17. now you know why there is always money in the banana stand
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  18. She at my Albertsons... ;-)
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  19. That I don’t run out of drugs, alcohol, and hookers before the game ends.
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  20. Total consciousness. And a banana eater
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