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The Sewo Pass Play

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggy Style, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. So many people in the recent wild frog thread were saying the formation needs a pass/pass threat because we only ever run Sewo to the right out of it.
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  2. Check out the Army punter running on 4th and 44 in the earlier video
  3. I recall that as well. "It won't be as effective if we never throw from it and only run right". Well....we still didn't throw from it.
  4. Mike Gundy says "hold my beer."
  5. Didn’t see it was 4th and 44. That is solid.
  6. Hey, we could have run the flip from the holder to the TE Okla. St just tried to run.
  7. Yep, SC went full tard on that one.
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  8. Lost 6 on the play. Brilliant
  9. So, you didn't get your sports boner taken care of, so you get personal with the guy who de-boned you and call him an MF'er.


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    Some one mentioned it was time to get rid of the Wild Frog after the Purdue game. I wish we had taken your advice.
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  11. I didn’t mind the call, honestly, I just wish the players had practiced what to do if the TE was covered. Should have been drilled into Sewo to throw it anyway on 4th down.
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  12. Wild Frog seemed to work best when Jeremy Kerley ran it. Never knew where he was going to run and he had a good arm when he did throw a few times.

    Our current WF only is a run behind the right side and I dont think we have ever got more than 5 yds running it.
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  13. I would have said its a dumb arse call that somehow worked out. You are 4th and 1 inside the red zone which means you are going to get run blitzed with man coverage on the corners. In other words none of the backers and DBS you want to trick with the cute running back rollout will be fooled cuz the backers are flying and the dbs aren't looking in the backfield anyways. Kick the FG or run a conventional damn play
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  14. Not to mention it would have just encouraged Cumbie the next time he thought about getting cute rather than just playing football.
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  15. One of the stupidest calls I've ever seen. The moment Sewo started hesitating behind the line I felt dread. When his arm came up to throw I knew we were screwed. Even as he was sacked and the ball went over on downs I told my buddy that play cost us the game.

    I didn't mind going for it on 4th. But as close as we were, just run it and pick up the damn first down. We had all the momentum and would have scored to bring us even. Instead, you could feel the air sucked out of the stadium and of course they ran right down the field on us afterward.

    Yes, if it had worked I would have been glad, but I still would have hated the call. Just mind-numbingly bad. I wasn't on the fire Cumbie bandwagon until tonight. Now I want us to pretty much clean house on the offensive side of the ball.
  16. If CGP doesn’t fire SC, I’m going to start to question whether CGP should be coaching here either. Defense looked like crap and those are the offensive plays being called? Absolute disaster. I’d wager that the average poster on here could be given a damn clipboard and do better calling plays.
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  17. Hell, I was one of them. Well, not in that thread, I just griped about how damn predictable we were in that formation. I just wasn’t expecting the .01% chance of running a different version/pass from that would be used in that situation.

    I still don’t think my brain has fully comprehended what my eyes witnessed.
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  18. Throwing a ball away isn’t instinctual for a guy who shouldn’t be throwing balls at all
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  19. I heard someone defending the play call as something SMU wouldn't expect. Of course they wouldn't expect it! It was stupid. They also wouldn't expect it if our team played the game with a razor blade clenched between their butt cheeks. Doesn't mean we should do it.
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  20. Interesting analogy....

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