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the real deal

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by hindry, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Anderson, D. 28-173/1 13-67/0 15-106/1

    Hicks, Kyle 12-44/1 DNP 12-44/1
    Olonilua, Sewo 9-44/2 7-30/0 2-14/2
    Hill, Kenny 12-43/0 1-8/0 11-35/0
  2. How can I subscribe to your newsletter?
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  3. If he can stay healthy, Anderson will be as exciting to watch as Turp. This kid has a knack.

    Reagor and Snell have shown flashes of brilliance as well. I'm excited for our next few seasons with SR under center.
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  4. Breathtaking data
  5. Formatting is impeccable as well. Simple and easy to read...
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  6. He is already more exciting than Turpin because he can touch the ball 15+ times a game without having to throw WR screens or jet sweeps. Just hand the ball off
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  7. Anderson is the real deal. No fooling. Just give him the ball and watch him win the game.
  8. Please submit all raw data in CSV format.

    Thank you.
  9. i appreciate that he ran north-south(or east-west) or downhill or whatever clever phrase sportscasters use.

    it seems we ran sideways alot last year

    if KH gives up on the post and fade and keeps to short shots and the occasional keeper, i think we got us a scheme.
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  10. Why are people like this?
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  11. Few players in the country are more exciting than KT. So obviously I disagree with this logic.
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  12. Winning excites me most and Anderson does more to contribute to that.

    In a vacuum of one play, Turpin is more exciting
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  13. Anderson is absolutely electric and runs with attitude. I do wish he would tuck it away when in traffic.
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  14. So much this. I think Arky keyed on that too, resulting in higher YAC
  15. Cumbie is the speaker at the luncheon today.

    Someone ask about Taj and any other nagging questions about the offense.
  16. Well, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much...
  17. Its weird that we only have one play to Turpin the ball on offense - that little swing pass.

    I want more option routes for him. If he is in the slot and a LB tries to cover him, have him run an option route at 8 yards and let him go from there. These swing passes where we try and have WRs block isn't working.

    Also, took me about a minute to understand that there was a total as well as single game stats in the original post. There are roughly 15 better ways to display those stats, congrats on picking one of the worst ways.

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