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The offensive staff at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Tumbleweed, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Yep. Defense wasn't perfect, but they got us back in it multiple times. Every opportunity was squandered by our attempting to establish the passing game first.
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  2. Traditionally, we don’t struggle during the off weeks. We just apparently don’t practice.
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  3. I lost count but at least 7 and I think 14 of them were on turnovers in our end
  4. Sonny Dykes [ hundin] slapped Gary all day long.
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  5. see, I don't get this view. Not saying I disagree, but it is the same play calling we have seen for multiple seasons. but, actually, as I think about it, if it is matching what we have seen recently, then it matches the dumbest you have ever witnessed.

    so it's like the movie ground hog day. accept, we might not wake up to tomorrow … ever.
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  6. yeah. that was bad.
  7. that offense is designed for up tempo. why not run it more up tempo most of the game? If that is tempo, it feels slow.
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  8. Tempo did seem to benefit him.
  9. I haven’t read all of the replies.

    You score 38 against SMU. You should win.

    Maybe stop them every now and then on 3rd down?!!
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  10. Yes
  11. S
  12. We scored 34 last week and everyone seemed pretty happy. 38 this week and we need to fire the OC?

    Seriously, 38 points has to be enough to beat people. The 4th & 1 call was horrendous, but at the end of the game we had over 400 yards and 38 points. We didn't play great but it should've been enough.
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  13. Maybe the QB coach can work with a QB that had his first start. GD this board is scheissing insufferable.
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  14. What was I thinking. The QB Coach sucks as bad as the offensive coordinator.
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  15. This board's inability to say something bad about this particular QB is insufferable.

    If it was Delton who went 16 of 36 for 188 yards and overthrew open receivers multiple times, there would be criticism.
  16. Limey, why would you apply common sense to this existing coaching staff?
  17. We need to recalibrate here. TCU looked solid at Purdue. Won by 21. I didn't see any preseason magazines picking TCU to win the national championship with an unknown at quarterback. That being said, Gary will tighten up this defense. Go get Meacham and start making better offensive play calls and pace starting this week, go put Cumbie back up stairs in the box, and right this ship and compete for the Big XII conference championship riding Darius and Sewo and this offensive line to a title.
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  18. Sometimes we give people a break who graduated high school within the past year.

    Gary/Cumbie cost us at least a FG by going wild frog pass. Duggan missed a TD thrown or 2 on drives we ended up punting
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  19. Most of Duggan’s mistakes can be put on inexperience/nerves

    1) Throw too high, but to the OPEN receiver. Except for this f$&)ing fades, I hate the fades.
    but not throwing into double coverage, making too many crazy throws.

    2) Does NOT throw off his back foot.

    3) He is actually looking for receivers and trusting his protection. They let him down a couple of times, especially Ware on blitz pickup.

    4) He has a lot of pride. You can tell. Being good matters to him. You can see it when he is on the sidelines.
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  20. I agree with a lot of this but since the long TD in the APB game, he's about 0 for 7 on hitting receivers downfield behind the defense. You can't expect a young QB to hit all those throws but at some point you can no longer say "hey he's young and overthrows people sometimes." If he's going to be the QB then we have to hit some of those throws. The missed pass to A. Davis in the end zone was an absolute killer. And he's launched about 4 passes 5 yards past Reagor in the last couple games that all could've been TD's with better throws.

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