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The New College Baseball Model

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurpleBlood87, May 21, 2020.

  1. looks the same to me, but obviously not an expert

  2. Half the games would be played with no students there to see them. Assuming that the rest of the student population has skedaddled by the second week of May after Finals, there would be a lot of empty seats. It would also be blistering hot.

    Eh. What do I know. ESPN probably thinks they can fill in some content space with "marquee" matchups.
  3. I think only about 30 schools even average 2K a game in the current schedule and I would suspect that a rather small ratio of those are currently enrolled students. We’re pretty spoiled at TCU because our experience with college baseball is nowhere close to being the “norm”
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  4. Overall, I do not really like the plan. The players would be forced to be on campus way after school ends, and limits their ability to play in some of the summer leagues (Cape Cod, etc).

    This would probably help teams in other regions, but teams in the southern parts of the country would be playing during some really hot months. It will definitely hurt attendance at schools in the south. I love TCU baseball, but I am not going to sit in 95+ weather for a random Saturday night or Sunday afternoon game.

    If the MLB draft does not get moved back then this would definitely not work.
  5. Northern schools. ie Big Ten, have been lobbying for ages for a later start to baseball season. They claim current schedule gives unfair advantage to schools in warmer climates
  6. Yeah let's push back football season a month while we are at it. Not fair for the southern schools to have to go through summer camp and early season in 100 degree heat.
  7. Yep, the Big 10 has been pushing this for years. I’m not sure it will make a big difference unless they can talk south and west high schoolers to go their. From what I’ve seen of Midwest high school baseball, they’ll still need an influx of talent.
  8. Rip me if you want...

    I've always felt college baseball has a weather problem. It also has an equity problem, which we discussed here for years.

    But back to the weather. I say start mid March instead of mid to early February. Then end the whole darn thing in Omaha over the 4th of July weekend with a college baseball World Series extravaganza over that 10 to 14 days.

    I know it's not that easy. I know there are so many other variables. I also know it would give the big10 some time to catch up. But it would make it more fair. And let's go ahead and fully fund 25 scholarships!!!

    Well, I can dream right?
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  9. It's hot asf in Omaha in June can't imagine July
  10. I care about this much about the B1G.
  11. College ball can replace the minors. Even in the South games played in Feb. and March can be pretty cold.
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  12. The pushed the season forward about 10 days about 14 years ago. Michigan is first northern team I've seen do anything positive since then. Playing in mid summer is brutal in the south. How does this effect some of the smaller programs we play mid week? Or does anyone care about them?
  13. Common sense would say we’d have 3 night games on the weekend. No reason to rush back to school on a Sunday game since there’s no class on Monday.

    I’m all for it!! Helps fill the “dog days of summer”.
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  14. Read on this board that the MAC solution would be to take baseball to "club level" status and only play schools in bus-riding proximity. So none of this matters. Might as well run it simultaneously with intramural co-rec softball.
  15. Yes but people who go to the games have to work on Monday. That's why MLB plays mostly afternoon games on Sunday.
  16. I thought that was to accommodate team travel more so than fan attendance
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  17. It probably is. I was saying moving the game to Sunday night's might force a drop in fan attendance.
  18. I thought that was more about the ESPN TV contract. They don't want other games to compete w/ the Sunday night game of the week. They play at night the rest of the week.
  19. TV dictates a lot but generally speaking the “getaway” early games were put in place to accommodate team travel to the next series. Once upon a time when double-headers were actually on the regular schedule, you could accomplish the same by ending series earlier.

    Once upon a time I used to bug my granddad mercilessly to let me go to the Astrodome for all the double headers on the schedule as soon as the schedule was released.
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