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"The call of a touchdown is under review." (ring ring)

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 10, 2019 at 9:39 AM.

  1. "Hello, TCU pressbox. This is the Big 12 office? How can we help you? We are currently reviewing whether TCU's quarterback remained in bounds on a crucial play that could result in Baylor receiving its first loss of the year."

    "Well, sir, we see no indisputable video evidence that would merit overturning the call. Plus the line judge was right there, looking straight right down the sideline at the quarterback's feet and he ruled it a touchdown."

    "What's that ... but ... but ... I see. Ok. We will let the referee know."

    REFEREE: "After further review, the call of a touchdown has been overturned."
  2. Big 12 and ESPN both made that call and the no PI on the two point conversion in Norman. Too much riding on the game next week with GameDay coming to the city chip and jo put on the map!!
  3. Gameday going to Waco. Will they be staying at the Omni?
  4. No way that call should have been overturned. SXM ESPNU guys mentioned it this morning.
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  5. That's two games this year for bu where the refs have done this type of stuff. The tech game was unforgivable.
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  6. College Gameday Sign"
    Refs = 2 Games for BU
  7. W/N ten minutes, ESPN will ask themselves,..... 'did we ever make a mistake by coming to Waco and doing this game....
  8. They’ve been before. They must have a short memory.
  9. This is why I hate the review system. Just because they review it, doesn’t mean they get it right.

    Go with the call on the field. They’re going to screw us anyways, there’s no need to drag it out
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  10. Dear Replay Official,

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  11. Yes, and eating at one of the many new Fine Dining Establishments that have opened in Waco recently.
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    If the Big 12 wanted Baylor to win the game, they wouldn’t have overturned the 4th down Tevaillance Hunt TD that happened right before that.
  13. How could they not?
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  14. You don't have nearly enough tinfoil to be in this thread.
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  15. Obvious hand down before any other part of the body hit out of bounds. It took like 23 seconds to confirm.
  16. I was at the game and haven’t watched the replay, so I don’t know what the commentators said. Is it just the hand that has to be down, or does it have to be a forearm/elbow? Could you just drag a fingertip and that counts?

    We were debating it in the stands and weren’t sure.
  17. He got the hand down and the forearm but the rules analyst said that the hand was sufficient by itself
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  18. Well then, apparently I was sweating the replay call for no reason. It was clear he got his hand down before his foot hit out of bounds, but it was bang-bang (based on what was shown on the Jumbotron) whether the forearm was down before the foot.
  19. You had every reason to sweat it out with these replay officials even if he had his hand, forearm, both feet, both knees and his Johnson down in the end zone.
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  20. not sure, but definitely eating at the new pappadeaux's

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