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"The call of a touchdown is under review." (ring ring)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. There has been talk in recent years of having a national “pool” of officials that work games and doing away with conference affiliations. In other words a crew might work in the B12 one week, the SEC the next, the ACC the next, etc.
    I’m in favor of it, but it would be an administrative headache and the conference supervisors are totally against it. BUT, it could be done. Maybe, through social media, public support, and media pressure (articles in The Athletic, ESPN, Press Box DFW, and even Muck, it could get it stated again.
  2. I think you replied to the wrong post. I was referring to the Hunt catch. If they wanted BU to win, then they would have ruled against us right there and there never would have been a Duggan tightrope along the sidelines.

    They made the wrong call on the Duggan play, but there’s no proof it was out of malice. They already had the perfect opportunity to give the game to Baylor with the Hunt catch, but didn’t.
  3. Like that would put an end to tin foil hat conspiracy theories.
  4. Once they had to review the Hunt catch they really had no choice. So very clear. The only thing that they could have done is ignored the rule.
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  5. Exactly. We found that out in 2014.
  6. Not normally a conspiracy theorist, but damn. And you can't tell me not ONE ref on the field at the Tech/BU game didn't know that wasn't a legitimate fumble and should have argued that.

  7. Don't scheissin bring that up. Still can't believe it

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