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The Beverly Review: Alek Thomas picks D-Backs over TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. That is kinda on the record isn't it?
  2. Teams are limited to 11.7 full scholarships but are not restricted by a dollar amount.
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  3. I mean it was pretty clear that the intention of your post was to mock the guy, regardless of the fair point he made. So yeah, I guess I would consider that an attack. Just my opinion.
  4. actually i was truly asking if there is anything that gets discussed here that dosen't distress him.
  5. Kinda, but kinda not really. I thought he was about as candid as he could be regarding the issue. You should check it out. It was very informative and only 45ish minutes long.
  6. I did take that in, and it was informative. Thanks.
  7. When Coastal Carolina won the NC, I am pretty sure they were not giving out their full allotment of 11.7
  8. Lol. I believe that’s been tried before
  9. They were close but not quite fully there if memory serves. They also said that if you increased the limit to 18 that they might have to drop the sport or acknowledge that they wouldn’t be nearly as competitive
  10. Wonder if he’s getting to $15K because of the 25% stipulation?
  11. Hmm. Maybe that’s where the number comes from, yeah. But of course that’s a minimum, not a maximum.
  12. A lot of that is due to such a limited number of regular season games to begin with. Makes each week that much more important.
  13. actually you were asking to mock him
  14. no, but believe as you wish

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