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The Beverly Review: Alek Thomas picks D-Backs over TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Alek Thomas picks D-Backs over college
    • by Tim O’Brien
    Growing up around the Chicago White Sox where his dad, Allen, is the team’s strength and conditioning coach, Alek Thomas has known for years what he wants to be: a pro baseball player.

    The recent Mt. Carmel graduate remembers when he first set his sights on the MLB, and recently he took another step toward his dream when he was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks on May 4 as the 63rd pick in the MLB Draft.

    “I love that feeling with baseball that you get to go out there every day and play,” Thomas said. “In eighth grade, I went to spring training in Arizona with my dad, and I realized it. You get to play the game, and then you start up again the next day.”

    Read more at http://www.beverlyreview.net/sports/article_ac6ada5e-6e5c-11e8-be25-9f11c6394579.html
  2. Crap (on behalf of Schloss).
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  3. With the MLB raiding recruits, why even recruit anymore?
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  4. We recruit better than anyone and then half our class goes pro. Gotta be extremely frustrating.
  5. I am not sure if that is really the question or if it’s more why do we spend cycles recruting this kid and ones like him?

    He was projected high to start, actually went lower than forecasts and still went pro just like almost everyone involved said he would.

    Given his family history, the slot money at the levels anywhere near where he was projected and the fact that getting guys like Lodolo to campus is a 1 in a more than 1000 result - I would hope we don’t build our recruting class assuming this type of kid will make campus.

    it seems like our classes turn out better when we fill our holes via recruting with guys projected after the first two rounds and get them to show up vs this year and last where we went for the HR but most of the guys we really needed have taken the money instead
  6. I have said it before, but it would be most interesting to hear Schloss talk about recruiting at a luncheon or somewhere "off the record" to learn how he approaches it, and what changes he needs to make.
  7. We should just open it up to walkons and make them earn a scholly.
  8. That would be a tremendous chunk of change those walk-ons would have to drop before they step on the campus/diamond. Even with the current disadvantage we have as a private school with the $15K scholly cap, adding that much more to everyone & make them earn the (partial) scholly might not turn out terribly beneficial for our program in either the short or long run.
  9. College football has its championship process extremely darned up and college baseball has its scholarship and recruiting process really darned up.

    It’s a shame competent humans can’t come in and make some much needed changes.
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  10. curious, is there anything you feel good about?
  11. Maniac makes a valid point, not sure why you’re attacking him here.
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  12. asking someone who has an extended history of complaining about a variety of topics (i.e. westside of stadium, priority points etc...) if there is anything they feel good about is an attack?

    huh, good to know.
  13. Are there any other NCAA sports where the entire team, or at least 1st and 2nd string, is not given a full scholarship? Clearly not any major ones. This is patently unfair to kids who want to play baseball. Plus, if we could offer full rides we could have a larger recruiting pool and maybe a dozen kids who are almost as good as Alek ready to come here.
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    track and field has a limited number which is why some schools use bubba's model of full scholarships given to a limited number of highly talented athletes or the dual sport recruiting you see so often with the sec track teams and football

    additionally if anyone has not listened to the interview with schloss on the pod cast i HIGHLY recommend it simply for some comments he made on scholarships in baseball.

    you can tell it is an issue, you can tell it is a source of frustration, it however is simply not a matter of the ncaa imposing restrictions on scholarship numbers in an attempt to balance scholarship opportunities between men's and women's sports.

    sure there are those here who can do a much better job explaining, but another big issue is the ncaa trying to maintain competitive balance in college baseball. the field for college baseball is much more similar to college basketball than college football. he even mentioned the p5's in football and how they operate differently than the rest of college football.

    that is not the case in college baseball and he mentioned than there are some schools (can't remember if north, east, ne,..) that don't even utilize their full allotment of scholarships.
  15. Huh?
  16. You didn't watch the podcast with Schloss, did you? He addressed that.
  17. We can’t. Because people like Muck sneak in the back hoping to get tidbits for a hit piece.
  18. It's been said (on here) that baseball scholarships are limited to a max of $15k by the NCAA or whatever governing body that sets the rules. That hurts private schools in that the families of the recruits have to come up with tens of thousands of dollars to cover the cost of remainer of the tuition/etc. at a place like TCU, Stanford, Vandy vs much less at a state school. That would kill it for great athletes families of low to modest incomes who can't come up with the $30-$50K/yr difference which gives public universities a tremendous advantage in baseball recruiting. I'm not an expert, but that's how it was discussed on here over the last few months.
  19. Maybe so, but the result is BY FAR the best regular season in sports. I'm not saying what exists now can't be improved upon, but it's way the hell better than some of the alternatives that have been thrown around.
  20. schloss made an inference that he would be in favor of scholarships being allocated as full or partial tuition and letting room and board being left out of the equation. i am sure there is some math behind all of this and it being another classic example of someone making the rules far, far more cumbersome than needed

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