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Texas Press Conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Week 7. Homecoming. Lost 2 in a row. get back on winning track

    Defending Sam? Good player, finisher. Their OL is back. RB banged up, by committee. He's done a good job.

    Duvaney? Everyone has one guy. speed and tall WRs. Have to battle.

    Have to hunt together to stop Sam.
  2. Don't know if we would win a shootout. For us, at home, be in game in 4th Q, find a way to win. their 2 losses to teams in top 6 in country. D they are banged up.

    Kansas scoring? Deep balls and a couple of run plays they hadn't run before.
  3. If you are in the room there is probably plenty of food left for leftovers...have at it.
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  4. Wyatt - ok for freshman first start.

    DE pass rush? we have what we have. Colt will be a good player. We didn't make a tackle last week. '

    Max - next to last drive? We need to play first of game like end.
  5. seems similiar to 12/13 season. how do you grow up.
  6. we had 3 guys on DL in NFL, replacing them with freshmen.

    Creating urgency at start? we weren't finishing practice on D. We do purple ball on Tuesdays. good on good. team emphasis. We had to do that in 2001 because we lost so many players from year before. We get a good look 12-14 plays. I call it the same way. Assignment oriented call. We are doing a lot better. Take practice to the game. Freshmen DEs are going to be good players.
  7. Offense scoring? less turnovers than last year? if we knew the problem, we would have already fixed it. -3 in TOs. on D, need to get back in takeaways category. O score points.

    MAx running? lot of that was scrambling. you have to play the offense.

    Reagor - they always plan plays for them. some dictated by D.

    2020 schedule - haven't looked at it.

    new uniforms? under 25 love it. recruits like it. had the helmets for 9 months. I like them.
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  8. horns down? i have never done it. you are just supposed to play the game. i don't see reason to get upset or why people do it.
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  9. we have built fan base by also adopting other fans. they buy season tickets and are home town people. 90% of time they wear purple. we built this place differently.
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  10. Fire everyone. Next.
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    Something that is hard for a lot of TCU fans to get and why the Utah game atmosphere will never happen again.
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  12. "if we knew the problem, we would have already fixed it."

    Translation: "We are paid millions of dollars a year and don't have a clue what we are doing."
  13. uh ... ok

    that is one thing that stuck out on Saturday. A lot of that was outside of what was schemed when he ran.
  14. Did anyone ask if he knew Tight Ends are allowed to catch the ball. I'm not sure we know that on either side of the ball!
  15. Are there people elsewhere who might know and who could potentially work here? Surely not...
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  16. The coaches of our opponents know, apparently. And are paid far less than our coaches to know it!
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  17. Considering what we have seen, and the player development under his stewardship, we'd be better off with a random name from the phone book than Sonny Cumbie...
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  18. Thanks, but wasn't the best King Ranch Chicken Casserole today.
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  19. I wish for once he’d say we plan to go out their and blow their ass out..instead of this hang around til the 4th quarter and try to win by 1.
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  20. If I had a nickel for every time in history that any football coach said that in a press conference then I MIGHT have a single nickel.
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