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Texas four-year college annual tuition costs


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Data provided by TuitionTracker.org. I would say all Texas four-year colleges have a football program so not sure what point is attempted ... all it tells me is that private schools are more expensive.



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I'm counting 42 logos there, about half of which I think I can identify. Holy crap, who knew? "UTPB"??? UT has a satellite school in Pine Bluff?


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Insane anyone would ever send their kids to Austin College at $58k/yr or Mary Hardin Baylor for $44k/yr. What a waste of money.
TCU at $72k is a bargain?
TCU costs more than Rice.

I am about 90% sure that when Rice was an "Institute," there was no tuition. If you got in, all of that was paid from the endowment or other funds.
Rice offers free cost of admission (tuition, room and board, etc) for household incomes below $75k, fee full tuition scholarships $75-$140k, and half tuition $140-200k. Apparently this program falls under the "Institute."

I love my alma mater, but a TCU undergrad degree now costs $290k? Is it ten times better than the degree (total cost $30k) I received in 2000?