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Texas Bowl Suite

Discussion in 'Ticket Exchange Forum' started by LT32, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. I have extra tickets in a suite for the Texas Bowl. $300 a ticket and includes alcohol and food. PM if interested.
  2. they better be pouring blanton's and serving prime rib for $300 a ticket
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  3. 50 yard line. open bar. parking. free food.
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  4. as i said, they better be pouring blantons and serving prime rib.

    easy way to get around the parking and avoid the traffic and i can get to mid field for less than $300 a ticket

    good luck with the sale
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  5. Sent you a PM
  6. lol.
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  7. LT - im in for 1 ticket.

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  8. What’s the toilet situation?
  9. With your infamous toilet destroying history, they may make you buy two seats; one for the game and one toilet seat.
  10. Game ticket cost is $1.00 but toilet access is $300.00 plus deposit.
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  11. Couple spicy chicken tacos and it's boo boo time

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