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ten years ago tonight

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by phrynosoma, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. My buddy and I both have sciatic problems but could only get SRO tickets...got there early enough to be able to lean on the wall behind the NEZ....Had jackets just in case it got cool, but the body heat in the whole dammm place kept it comfortable, so the jackets were good padding on top of that concrete wall....We both marveled after the game at how we weren't hurting after standing the whole time...and decided that if the Frogs had lost, we prolly wouldn't have been able to walk to the car parked on Simondale...down the hill, across the creek and up the hill....
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  2. My daughter and I were at the game and after the scoring spree in the 2nd quarter I called my wife and told her we might need another can of whoop @ss.
    As mentioned above, this game and the '84 game against Texas had the most electric atmospheres I can remember.
  3. This thread makes me happy and sad at the same time.
  4. That team was loaded with NFL talent up and down the roster.
  5. Both of those seasons were magical. (other than the Fiesta Bowl) I was glad to have witnessed it. It was football at its best.
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  6. Top and I were on the sidelines - you would not believe how loud it was down there, especially after the fumble recovery on the kickoff. I agree with Moose - probably the most fun I have had at a TCU home game because of the atmosphere and situation.
  7. Other than the Rose Bowl, this was my favorite TCU game. Just electric from start to finish. You just knew from the opening kick it was our night.
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  8. Euphoria reign supreme!
  9. Damn what I’d do to have Bart Johnson, Jimmy Young, and Ryan Christian, Curtis Clay again. Not even including Kerley because that’s a given. Still firmly believe the 08 team was the best, then the 09 team was better than the Rose Bowl team.
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  10. That TCU team would demolish the 2019 team
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  11. Peach bowl was our best team.
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  12. Great day that began early at Gameday. I then shot the game from the sideline.
  13. Loudest I've ever yelled at a football game. 2nd best TCU play behind the WS grand slam
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  14. They would run out of fireworks.
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