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TCU vs Texas Tech Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. We need to be on target tonight.
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  2. Either Des or RJ needs to go off to the tune of about 30+ if were gonna have a chance. Probably gonna need a big contribution from someone we aren’t expecting one from as well.
  3. 7 minutes before tipoff and frog fans are pretty severely outnumbered.

    Student section is just about full at least.
  4. A bunch of Dead Raider Fans here.

    loud and obnoxious as usual
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  5. Just hoping the frogs are competitive tonight. Didn’t look good these last two games. Hopefully frog fans make some noise.
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  6. National Anthem was phenomenal.
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  7. Sad how many Tech tards are here.
  8. If frogs aren’t competitive this is going to be humiliating.

    Raider fans are here in force.
  9. Espn plus is so bad
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  10. Free degrees from Lubbock
  11. I have a ticket for TCU +135 on the moneyline, first bet on TCU since the USC game
  12. Don’t get ESPN+, any PBP would be appreciated.
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  14. 8-5 TCU at first commercial break
    We are out playing tech right now and winning on the boards

    We have a ton of energy

    Des is hot so far also. And Samuel made two FT in a row

    can we keep it up?
  15. Don't know if they're really layups, but the gamecast says Frogs have missed 4 in the first 5 minutes.
  16. 13-12 Tech at next break

    We started getting sloppy and making mistakes

    and Samuel missed his next two

    So back to normal for a few mins

    need to get back what we started with intensity wise
  17. Yeah. Not all of them were really layups but close enough to the basket that they need to go in.
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  18. The announcers are wondering why we dot get Kevin the ball in the post where we have a clear advantage, I agree with them.
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  19. Geez RJ calm down

    playing like last year where he didn’t score at all against Tech
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  20. It has never been so obvious how much of a better coach they have. Their baskets come so much easier, their defense pressures so much more. It is like they practice different plays or something.
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