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TCU vs Ohio St. Prediction Threads

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. They haven't even played Rutgers, but it's never too early to start.

    Tiebreaker: TCU Total Yards for the game

    TCU: 48
    Ohio St: 21

    TCU's Total Yards: 450

    Gary is due a big win. I think the team will be ready. I wish we had Blacklock, but I don't think it's going to matter. We gonna kill 'em with speed.
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  2. We lose by 5,000.
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  3. Dangit you beat me to it.

    TCU: 33
    tOSU: 32

    Total frog yards: 469
  4. Until last night I was excited tOSU was the third game. Now, not so much. Need another game or 5 to get some things figured out.
  5. It won’t be 140 degrees at Jerry Works nor will if he raining on the players. Let’s see how Ohio State plays today in their game. Hard to predict but I think CGP has a game plan and knows this team is ready. Need to get the defense screwed down tight - no balls over our heads and solid run defense. Offense would like to see a running game break loose and take advantage of over eager OsU defense.

    30-21 Frogs.
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  6. Is 91 playing? I’ll answer after I know.
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  7. No prediction on this one from me beyond saying that I think OSU is better than us. Not sure we’ve even seen anything remotely close to what this team actually is yet. That could be good OR bad.
  8. There will be jerseys. There will be jorts. There will be barbed wire arm tattoos.

    My personal out the arse fpi gives 36% probability of frog win
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  9. The weather will not be a factor.
  10. Frogs by 1 point. Butthurt rustbelt excuses to follow.
  11. Sorry to be a downer, but I think Ohio State wins easily, if not necessarily by a lot of points.

    We all know that weather, rivalry, and looking ahead were factors in our performance last night. But I still saw a DL and LB corps that were missing tackles and failing to get pressure. I saw a QB making some bad throws and at least one bad mistake. I saw wide receivers failing to catch balls that hit them in the hands.

    To add to that, Ohio State simply outclasses us in terms of pure talent. We all know that talent isn’t everything, but OSU has it and knows how to get the most out of it. There’s a reason they’re a perennial playoff contender. We need outstanding play and coaching to overcome the talent gap, and I didn’t see it last night.

    I think our team has the potential to be great. But I think our weakness on the defensive line without Blacklock, our inexperience at QB and OL, and our bad habit of not starting to play until the second or third quarter will mean that Ohio State wins.

    OSU 35
    TCU 23
  12. This prediction is shocking, lol
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  13. This is a hard one...I really don’t think we’ve showed anything but base schemes on both the offensive and defensive side so I think the “real” playbook hasn’t even been opened up by us. I think we can run with them all day with our speed. Until last night, I really felt the path to victory over OSU was the passing game. I still think our receivers have an advantage on their DBs but SR Just wasn’t accurate at all against SMU and that concerns me. I’m want to watch OSU today before I make a prediction but if someone put a gun to me today I’d say we loose decidedly
  14. The pure talent point is grossly exaggerated. We are as physically gifted every where except the Interior lines....This narrative is tired. Yes they have 4-5 stars all over the field but the talent gap is pretty small these days. It’s not 2005 any more
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  15. I said it in another thread. We looked average against SMU last year then man handled Ok St in Stillwater the next week.

    TCU plays to the level of their Comp all the time.

    Frogs 35 Ohio St 27 Book it!

    Buckeyes blame Urban’s absence all season long.
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  16. Not sure about the score but TCU’s front seven will have their hands full
  17. You forgot your TCU Total Yards tiebreaker
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  18. Agree. But SR is going to have to play a really, really clean game for us to have a chance and at this point in his career and from what I’ve seen so far I don’t have a whole lot of confidence that’s going to happen.
  19. OMG... our QB (his name is Shawn by the way) made one bad mistake? Oh Gawd!!! Put in Collins. He’s the best QB TCU has ever had.

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