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TCU vs Iowa State Game Week

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Some items of note....

    Weather expected to be 87 degrees and sunny, 10% chance of rain.
    Vegas Line.... I expect TCU to be at least a 6 point favorite when the odds come out in the next 24 hours.

    Unless there has been something different announced by the State of Texas, I know TCU said around 12,000 fans for the game or 25% capacity, but Governor Abbott is allowing up to 50% in Texas stadiums. I know TCU is doing the 25%, but how about 12,000 alumni, and then whatever comes in with the student section? Just a thought. I watched K-State's game last weekend and their student section was rocking, Okie State yesterday seemed to have some kids throughout their student section. I hope the 12,000 becomes 24,000 rocking the Carter by the time OU comes to town late in the season. Hopefully cases are even more down by then and some of the vaccines are out.

    Also, it seems the teams that did full contact and hit the hardest at practice in August are the ones winning the games in September. See BYU vs. Navy for those details. I have a feeling Gary is going to have these kids coming out swinging ready to dominate.

    Lastly, I think TCU Football is going to be awesome this year. So much high quality player depth throughout the positions. Add in Coaches Meacham, Kill, and Beck in the mix to fix the offense. Meacham calling the plays while wearing sunglasses at night and drinking Red Bulls and Cumbie back up in the box, I see a winning season ahead. Defense should be top shelf and hopefully the pass rush issue in 2019 has been fixed.

    ESPN College GameDay had THREE different Big XII teams in their CFP bracket. OSU on one, OU on another, and "They're Back" UT on a third. The rest of the conference looks like trash. Seize the moment Coach P and let's win a championship! I'm looking forward to my Fall pilgrimage to Fort Worth next weekend! Go Frogs!
  2. “Cases” are already waaaaaaay down, the curve has been more than flattened, and the vaccines will only be “out” in the sense they are already “out” in clinical trial.

    I too am looking forward to seeing the Frogs play but I have a tad bit less optimism than you do. No surprise there. I confess I have no idea what you are talking about with the BYU and Navy metaphor. I also think it would be very uncharacteristic for a GP team to come out of the gate “swinging” early in the season or the first quarter of any given game.
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  3. Must have good quarterback play. Also pressure Purdy. He had a bad day against La. We need to make sure he has another.
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  4. Navy came out pooped and BYU just torpedoed them.

    Try the veal! It's delicious!

    But seriously, since the Nashville emails have been made public, Abbott moved pretty quickly to "allow" more restaurant access and such. It's all a bunch of crap, and the public is slowly catching on that they've been lied to for quite a while now. Good.

    I have no idea what to think of the Frogs. Sure, Kill has been working with not only the team but with the Coaches to fix their game and instruction methods. He has always stressed esprit de corps, efficiency, and most of all, poise. We've sorely lacked in those areas for two seasons running. Could be Jerry Kill is just what the Doctor ordered. We'll see...
  5. Too long. Didn’t read!

    (kidding...read it all. Great post)

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  6. Gary is scared to play. Game will be indefinitely postponed by 5 pm Tuesday.
  7. We will not be a 6 pt favorite over ISU. Question mark over QB who will start
  8. we cloning the alums who want to go to the games?
  9. The difference between Game 1 and Game 2 has been notable for some teams. Navy most clearly. Iowa State already has a game under their belt AND took the L so they are gonna be hungry. Very concerned about what our quarantine period did to those players.
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  10. If we lose by more than a TD it will be a disaster
  11. Let’s just play the game. I really don’t care if we win or lose. I just want to them to be able to play
  12. ISU opens as 2.5 pt favorite.

    purple colored glasses around here thinking we would be favorite by a TD
  13. Nothing worse than fans who think their team is good.
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  14. why do people make up random spreads for games to draw a parallel between what they think will happen and what “the line” from Vegas is?

    both teams were mediocre last year and most teams have looked rusty in their first game back.

    should we be favored by a TD on talent alone? Yes. We haven’t been able to get our offense going for a variety of reasons..until that changes (or the first few games are played and this board melts down) then there’s not much to say.
  15. On the one hand, we're at home. On the other, we're playing our first game. On the Gripping Hand, it's a GMFP team!

    Go Frogs!
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  16. I always assumed Kill was brought in to coach the coaches. I look forward to seeing if there is improvement from that perspective. I think this will be more of a foreshadowing for the season than the specific of plays on the field. I expect the players could be rusty, but also hungry to get on the field.
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  17. Because that's what people do on college sports message boards?
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  18. I think we should be a 43 point favorite
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    Message boards aren’t exactly incubators for reasoned thinking or middle ground
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  20. Plus the governor is further opening the state beginning Monday. Stadium should go to 50% ASAP.
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