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TCU vs Cal Game 3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Surely we will crack top 25, if not closer to #15 in all polls
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  2. Start a thread about the women’s basketball game if you want to talk about women’s basketball. This was a thread dedicated to a specific baseball game and you were confusing the conversation.
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  3. This team has been quite entertaining to watch. Think they are capable of being pretty special.

    Will be really interesting to see how they do this upcoming weekend.
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  4. good place to drink.
  5. The BBQ comment was related to the baseball game.
  6. Big test coming up next weekend.
    I know thanks Captain Obvious.
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  7. This is one of the shortcomings of this site. Pretty much anywhere else, a game thread includes specific discussion of what is happening in the game. I've provided it, as have Pharm, Quilter, Jewst (throwback), and others. It helps people who aren't watching the game know what is happening at the game. And in baseball especially, there aren't lots of good options to watch on television or online. Stat cast is weak, and we all know about HFTV (which is also a battery hog even if it was great).

    People on this site instead use the game thread for such meaningful comments as " we suck." To me, if you want to [ hundin] while watching the game, use group text with friends, rather than posting to a thread where nobody cares. I don't understand it. Just about every other thread on this board provides an opportunity to complain. I'm guessing that there aren't enough people here who actually care about what is going on in games.

    But for me and some others, a game thread with some play by play is very helpful. Thanks @Pharm Frog, @QuilterFrawg , @TCUdirtbag and others.
  8. Jawohl!
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  9. LOL
  10. I think the problem is you someone watching it on TV/Stream/etc to do the PbP

    it’s hard to add much real value while at the game and also be involved in the crowd/atmosphere
  11. I don't disagree. At the same time, even a post saying, "Frogs fail to score in the fourth and we go to the fifth with the Frogs up 3-0" takes just as much time as one saying "we must be the worst baserunning team since the Bad News Bears".
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  12. I am with you - I try at games when I don’t have other people with me

    I also wonder sometimes if people are paying that close of attention to the actual game

    but evidently I am blocked by a lot of people so maybe no one notices but me and Quilter...
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  13. I was confused enough when I tuned in and saw men’s baseball with the audio feed from women’s basketball
  14. Yep. I was already in hot water for having my ear buds in while on the Granbury Square but to then not be able to hear the baseball game was uncool.
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  15. Sorry I missed the game!


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  16. Serves them right.

    That place is so over priced and smells better than it tastes.

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  17. Good sweep. Big weekend coming up, we'll find out a lot about our guys. Hope the bats wake up a little and get less walk dependent but hard to argue with the pitching staff up to this point
  18. Told him he they should have gone to Railhead or Angelo's.

  19. I figured the field camera(s) were not hooked in at those moments. Several times interference on the screen.

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