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TCU vs Arkansas Part Deux - Game thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Ron Swanson, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. This was definitely NOT JJs biggest game of his TCU career. Might have been in Top 7 or 8
  2. These guys are clueless. Said Schloss only been to the CWS 4 times. Dudes have no idea there heads are so far up the SEC ass
  3. Well the Frogs proved the committee right in putting them in the field.
  4. Hope Hump doesn't try to bunt.
  5. Glad the Frogs made the postseason. Glad UT didn't and Baylor and Aggy got eliminated before we did.

    Hope we don't get eaten alive by the draft and hope we can fight off the injury bug in the offseason.
  6. All in all I think going 2-2 with both loses to Arkansas is more than you could have asked for.
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  7. True and glad we drew Pac12 in our first game
  8. Glad you posted this. These jackalopes have stolen so much of my life listening to them I did not have the energy to type about that comment.
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  9. Wish AO hadn't dropped that ball last night. Would have been interesting if he had of made the catch.
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  10. We win 1-0 imo
  11. 14k, 5 hits, 0 runs for frog hitters tonight

  12. Assume you are referring to the draft as it relates to possible future Frogs.
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  13. 14 Of the 27 outs were Ks.....wow, that’s what happens when you don’t swing the Bat.
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  14. So, how many frogs just played their last game of organized baseball?
  15. I’m less annoyed with our loss and more annoyed with those god awful announcers. What a disgrace.
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  16. Wouldn’t be surprised if Arkansas wins it all this year. Damn good baseball team.
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  17. Proved we weren’t a National Champ offense. We were basically a top 20 team when we fielded the ball. Had no one in the lineup that everyone had to be terrified off ala a Skoug, Baker, Curry, Cron, etc.

    Would have loved to see this team with a fully healthy Porter Brown. He was really exciting at the top of the lineup before getting hurt.

    Need to figure out pitching and what causes the injuries. We seem to always have 1-2 key guys get hurt in fall and then another hurt a month into the season.

    Perhaps too much summer ball is to blame.
  18. Woulda been nice to beat Arky at least once, but none of these losses were blowouts. Many missed opportunities and hopefully we have much better luck next season. Overall, proud we got to the finals of the regional. Many of us didn’t expect any post season play so there’s that.

    Next up - football! Can’t wait!!! Have a good night all!
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  19. Kind of depends on the definition of “organized” but I’d think maybe Rizer and maybe JJ but I do think they aren’t fully done. That should be about it.
  20. Expect it would have been even worse if the Frogs had been leading. That said...it did take away a lot of the viewing enjoyment and that is criminal for college sports entertainment IMO

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