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TCU vs Arkansas Part Deux - Game thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Ron Swanson, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Need to score enough this inning to get the lineup turned back over for the 9th.

    Watson isn’t helping
  2. Seems like we used all our focus and energy on winning the last game.
  3. Have a penis cookie and relax...
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  4. Pretty reflective on Watson entire career. Hits .500 in the Big 12 tourney and then can’t pick up anything up out of the hand in the regional a week later
  5. I hope this [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] backfires so bad. You have a 5 run lead with 2 outs and nobody on in the 8th, no need for a scheissing pitching change.
  6. Been a real tough regional for him. Flare single and an infield single earlier today and that smashed double to left but that’s been it. He has squared some up that didn’t find turf but got to be disappointing to him
  7. It’s a reward for the most intelligent baseball fans in the world. It’s lets them demonstrate how to clap for a player for the rest of us to learn from.
  8. Let us enjoy the standing ovation? EAD announcers.....
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  9. This has got to be the best pitching staff in the country because our lineup isn’t this bad.
  10. That was scheissing ridiculous
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  11. Looking like we would have needed JJ to hold them to -1 over 9 innings to win
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  12. It has been at times this year.
  13. Hogs are averaging .625 runs per hit. Frogs are averaging .000 per hit.
  14. 1 run scored in 17 innings vs Arkansas pitchers
  15. eh we also got shutout by Cal State Fullerton.
  16. First pitch hitting..... nicety
  17. Well, that is a shame. Happy to see TCU make the most of their chances in this regional especially given the tough season. Time for Schloss to put in the subs and give them some experience for next year.
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  18. Well at least the Frogs will have Porter Brown back next season. Hopefully he can find a position beyond DH.
  19. What subs? Isola, Frew and Brad C?
  20. Sorry but that’s just an awful attempt at a DP
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