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TCU v WVU - Game Day Weather

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. does not look promising.

    My iPhone forecast is for thunderstorms plus rain.

    Not a crowd pleaser.
  2. "There is no such thing as inclement weather, only inappropriate clothing."
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  3. I’ve got a weather app saying less than 20% chance of rain the entire game so who knows???
  4. Around 50% light rain chance at game time. Lower chance of thunder....hope we make it through without a lightning delay. Temp starting in mid 50's and getting warmer. Not great weather but could be worse. Probably a wet ball the entire game.

    My biggest concern is winds, especially after dark.
  5. I looked at the radar and it doesn't seem as ominous as the forecast, but I'm seeing a 70% chance of thunderstorms at kickoff and 50% chance the remainder of the game. Temps should be around 60 the whole time, though.
  6. If forced to choose, I will go with the National Weather Service.
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  7. Who is forcing you to choose? Are you safe? Blink twice if you need help...
  8. Foggy as London out here in northern Johnson County. Visibility less than 1/4 mile right now.
    Still have rain gear from 2105 Rainageddon victory over baylor. Ain’t pretty and ain’t black, but lucky and will keep us dry. With no sun, and air full of moisture, over time body will loose heat, and you will get cold. Wear something warm under the rain gear. Spoken like a real dad. And...WHERE’S THE HYPE!!!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!
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  9. I use a couple different apps. Dark Sky is more optimistic than the others. Admittedly that one is a little erratic with its forecasts but it’s usually quite reliable for “day of” predictions.
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  10. For some reason, MagicSeaweed isn't working for Fort Worth...
  11. Dark sky definitely the best for short term. “It will begin raining in 11 mins.”
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  12. Blinding rain in Whiskey Flats. Taking that as a good sign because it can’t keep this up for four hours...right?
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  13. David Finfrock hates you
  14. I have no idea who that is but he’s joined a very large club.

  15. My biggest concern is passing wind after consuming BBQ and beer.
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  16. Nothing convective on the radar as of yet. Looking good.
  17. Probably not gonna see a lotta tank tops and short shorts. The only thing that made this season survivable.
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  18. Bunch of snowflakes.

  19. Looks like there’s a nice little mostly dry window between 3:00-6:00.
  20. In Burleson, officially pouring with lightning and thunder.

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