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TCU v OSU baseball #3

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. Hope he doesn't go juco next year to get drafted earlier...I always think that of stud freshman ever since Alex Fernandez did it like 30+ years ago.
  2. CJS sighting at Joe T’s
  3. Yeah I know it’s every man for themselves at some point but given how many underclassmen e have making an impact right now - these guys could put together another special run if they would all commit to seeing it through for the next 3 years

    but that will require a few guys to make the decision to stay when they have a good option to leave
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  4. Right. Is a sac fly a bad thing? It was to the wall as I remember.
  5. I think I've heard part of this story before.
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  6. Hope he’s having a celebratory margarita(s)
  7. It's the nachos. They are crack.
  8. I was pulling for him to get a hit. The end of my post said that I hope he comes thru. A sac fly that ties the game is coming thru.
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  9. The first part is a fact though! I barehanded it and had a bruised palm for several days.
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  10. Actually water :|
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  11. #191 Prince of Purpoole, Apr 18, 2021
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    *this response deleted for unnecessary snark*
  12. When did kids get so entitled?
  13. Well it was a great series win and a demonstration of a true team effort regardless of who struggled and who shined - everyone seemed to step up at some point

    our starters weren’t as great as they have been - but all of them held it together well enough to keep us in the ball game

    the bullpen delivered overall with the rock solid guys not having to carry the entire load and a few guys making a step forward

    and the offense battled all weekend and never gave up or gave an inch of confidence to OSU that any lead was safe

    OSU is a good enough that a sweep is a big deal for the guys

    and now that it’s overall and my blood pressure has regulated- I can say it was a really fun series of baseball with lots of exciting moments - good and bad

    hope all the boys are celebrating success tonight and tomorrow I am sure Schloss will do some coaching, point out some mistakes they need to correct and tell them to put their gloves back on and forget it- lots of baseball and big games left starting Tuesday
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  14. Over coaching mistake - never go to Joe Ts unless margaritas are on the menu plan
  15. If so, I hope someone else is driving him home. Have you had one of their margaritas?
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  16. Lol not in a long time :).
  17. So back in the day when i was a [ #2020 ]head 12ish year old, I passed on a chance to go to a game with my dad because ... i don't know my brain wasnt fully formed (hush) . Afterwards my dad was telling me about the awesome play he made to catch a foul ball. I was like, "cool dad can i see it" knowing he would give it to me. He said "sorry gave it away -- must be present to win" To this day i wish i had gone to that game with him for many reasons in addition to the foul ball.
  18. I'm not sure that has happened again since then.
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  19. Frogs move to number 8 in D1 baseball. Huge and much needed weekend.

    UT still has to play TTU and Ok State. Then we get them in early May.

    Think the biggest development from the weekend was Marcello's effort yesterday. Guy has such good stuff that we desperately need. Great weekend boys

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